Your Guide on Buying a $1000 hoverboard

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Why spend $1k on a hoverboard, when you can get the other trusted brands for a few hundreds dollars?

If you’re ready to buy the right hoverboard, here’s a table of our top picks based on bestselling products on Amazon.

PictureDeviceFor Who? (+ Features)
swagtronMotoTec Orange Hoverboard Ninja with Bluetooth- For all riders
- All terrain
- Rock while you ride

hoverboardMotoTec Blue Hoverboard Ninja with Bluetooth- New all-terrain riders
- Safety certified hoverboard
- Unforgettable ride

hoverboardGLARE M1B Chrome-Gold Hoverboard- Perfect experience for kids
- Bluetooth enabled
- Built-in Bluetooth wireless speaker
- Flashing wheels with high-quality tires

hoverboardGLARE Bluetooth RED Hover Kart- LED Wheels side-by-side
- UL2272 Certified
- Built-in Bluetooth speaker
- Freestyle driving

hoverboardGLARE M1B Chrome-Blue Hoverboard - For all riders
- Bluetooth speaker enabled
- Self-Balancing control system
- Enjoy smooth rides

hoverboardGLARE S1 Black Hoverboard- Innovative dual footboard electric scooter
- Fast, long distance ride
- Self-balancing system
- Quick charge time
- For indoor & outdoor excitements

hoverboardMotoTec MT-HoverKart-Blue Hover Go Kart Attachment Blue- Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
- Self-balancing System
- Dream gift for your loved ones.
- All-terrain & all riders.

Is there any hoverboard you can buy for $1,000?

I’ll answer that question in this article.

First, a personal story: So I have recently just come across a masterpiece scooter, and I am most definitely delighted to share my discoveries with you. I would also include my top hoverboard recommendations.

Now since the inventions of the hoverboard, there have been arguments about what it’s really called, some people would rather refer to these exciting machines as

scooters, but I am pretty cool calling them hoverboards.

Hoverboards are really cool self-balancing scooters that are operated by shifting and balancing of your body weight if you have just got yourself a hoverboard and you considered your first ride pretty frightening and shaky, then I assure you it definitely gets better.

Hoverboards are designed to transport you, but it’s most important determining factor is your body weight.

Hoverboards are created with really huge batteries that serve as the engine and ultimate powerhouses, they also comprise of microprocessors that studies and manages the direction your body presses towards since hoverboards are controlled and operated generally by your body movement, tilting, balance, and control.

The key to enjoying absolutely amazing rides on your hoverboards is mainly understanding the influence your body weight, management, control, and movement has over the functionality of the machines.

There has been a lot of crazy stories online about hoverboards or as other people would like to call them self-balancing scooters, with way too many scary stories and warnings about the mini transporting machines I have decided to share a few of these stories with you.

I have just seen a few videos of hoverboards exploding and bursting into flames, with the recent updates on how some hoverboards overheat with their batteries bursting into flames causing much more damage and injuries than excitement, fun, and enjoyment, the government in some cities have come all out to prevent citizens from the use of hoverboards in streets and public.

You would agree with me at this point that there are a few things to consider before getting yourself or gifting that loved one with that hoverboard, I mean, we wouldn’t

want to have personal videos of our hoverboards exploding all over the internet now do we? Absolutely not.

Since you are already wondering why hoverboards are being regarded as some sort of explosives, or why they even explode in the first instance, the answer is, like all other highly sort after products in the market today hoverboards come in low and high qualities.

And yes, these low-quality hoverboards are mostly powered by faulty substandard batteries, and like I have earlier mentioned, the batteries are the powerhouses of the hoverboards, so when these faulty batteries become overworked and due they malfunction which in turn leads to explosions, and in most cases, overheating.


This is not to testify that the hoverboards mentioned below would never overheat or explode, but I would like to add that the chances of that happening are really really slim, like you may have already guessed these are the top highly rated hoverboards with guaranteed top quality.

With a lot of hoverboard production brands already off the market because of the negative results and the unimpressive number of bad customer reviews, it is good to state that certain hoverboard brands have stood out in quality in the midst of all this drama.

So if you’re looking for Hoverboards that cost $1k or more, here’s our top list:

#1: The Phunkeeduck

As the brand name already suggests self-balancing scooter offers you the funkiest ride, has Bluetooth and mobile app control, and with a lot of celebrities and big names rocking the phunkeeduck it safe to say it offers you a ride with the Stars.

#2: The One Wheel

This is the fastest hoverboard on the market right now. As the name suggests, this hoverboard has a small controlling wheel in between your foot stands, although this is not an ideal ride for kids, it is most exciting and thrilling for adults who love adventure.

The one wheel is basically one of the most adventurous machines I personally cannot wait to lay my hands on.

It is capable of speeding up to 15mph and is the most adventurous rides. Feeding your desires for the fast fun life.

#3: Hendo Hover

The Hendo hover brand is definitely something to look out for, their desire is to develop real hoverboards, and although these are not out yet, and like I already mentioned earlier, I had a few discoveries I wanted to share with you.

#4: Omni Hoverboard

Sources say that the OMNI Hoverboard brand is the first tech company to reach the dream of producing real-life hoverboards.

Now, this new inventions of actual hoverboards are determined to take the hoverboard feeling to the next level, with a lot of brands determined to outsmart and out create each other.

It is safe to say that the best hoverboard deals are only about to Grace the market!

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