Are Bikes Better Than Skateboards? (A Rider’s Guide)

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We all know that the most cost-effective, economic and easy to use means of a commute are the bikes and skateboards.

They are also great for sports and outdoor fitness activities.

Such regular practice will keep you healthy and very active.

Though these two are great, there might be a little conflict when it comes to buying a bike or a skateboard.

Nonetheless, both these vehicles have their own separate fan base, but there is a constant dilemma in deciding which is the best of these two. Are bikes better than skateboards?

The answer truly depends on various other traits like the skill, experience and the level of riding of that particular person.

In this article, we provide a summary of the analysis of all the characteristics and features of bikes and skateboard to find which one is actually better.

Analysing in terms of the below traits, the finds are,

Ease of Riding

In terms of the range of difficulty in riding, obviously, the bikes are a lot easier when it is compared to riding a skateboard.

Learning to ride a bike can be done within weeks or days but riding a skateboard takes a long time with adequate practice and guidance. One can learn to ride a bike on their own, unlike skateboard.

The art of balancing, dodging and jumping in the skateboard is a task on its own and will take immense effort and practice for a beginner.

Obviously, the bikes have a win-win situation here.

Style and Fun Factor

Finalizing in terms of fun factor, the skateboard has a major advantage over the bikes. Bikes are the major means of conventional riding but it is considered to be of style when compared to skateboards.

It is definitely a cool thing to ride on the skateboard around the neighborhood.

Riding and learning a skateboard may not be very simple but it is a lot of fun.

The style factor of the skateboards also makes it look more interesting and attractive than the bikes. So, the skateboards are a major style statement.

Rigidity and control

When you are riding over the terrains, it is impossible for you to not trip from your skateboards.

But in the case of bikes, it is a completely different scenario.

Bikes are designed in a way to give you more stability and control over the harsh and mountainside’s terrains.

It also offers you additional rigidity when compared to the skateboards.

The control of riding is higher in the bikes than the skateboards. So, bikes have an additional advantage of control over the terrains.


When it comes to safety then there is no doubt choosing bikes over skateboards.

The bikes offer more stability and safety when compared to the skateboard no matter what the environment and the terrain are.

Be it the rough surface, pebbles or the rocky terrain the bikes won’t skid when you apply the brake or turn in a very swift motion.

But that kind of deep safety and reliability is limited when it comes to skateboard. So, in terms of safety, it is well established that the bikes win this category.

Convenient usage

Both the skateboard and bikes are very convenient to use. When riding the bike, you need not worry about the skid and fall.

To control the speed, there are brakes in place. It is also very easy to ride the bike, the same applies to skateboards as well.

If you are riding a skateboard then you can carry supplies in your hands.

When riding the bike, you can hang them or place them in the basket somewhere. So, in terms of convenient usage, both bikes and skateboards gain an equal place.

Exercise and fitness

In terms of exercise and fitness, skateboards gain a few points higher than bikes. With bikes, all you need to do is to pedal and just it.

But the skateboard demands complete operability and flexibility of your body.

When compared to bikes, the skateboards require a higher amount of energy to ride and commute.

When analyzing in terms of fitness and exercise as the main criterion, the skateboard wins over the bikes.


When comes to the bikes or skateboard in the cost matter, the skateboards are very much cost-effective and hold very less amount of maintenance required.

The investment needed to get a skateboard is very low when compared to the amount needed to get a bike.

Moreover, bikes are very much costlier, and gear bikes are not even cheaper, to begin with. So, when analysing in terms of affordability factor, the skateboard scores a huge success.

When considering all the factors, the bikes have scored 4 points and the skateboards have scored 4.

So, the final answer to conclude which is the better among the skateboard and the bikes is a tie.

Both the commuting vehicles have proved to be useful and effective on their own terms.

Complete analysis and examination were done on various fronts including the same results.

But, comparatively, in terms of safety, control, ease of riding and long-lasting criteria the bikes are definitely better than skateboards.

Main differences

The bikes have more solid and aligned wheels to offer you with the required stability and control over the difficult terrains and to slow the speed of the bikes there are more than one brakes available. The build of the bikes is also solid and they offer complete sturdiness while riding them.

But in skateboards, there are no sidebars available to grip for additional support. There are two wheels present on both the front and the backside to offer the desired mobility.

The process of moving, picking up or reducing the speed depends on the individual. You need to steer ahead with your leg to move and use your leg gradually to reduce the speed and thrust of the board.

Bikes have the seat and you can sit on them while riding but in the case of the skateboard, there is a desk or plate where you can stand and ride.

It is on the deck you can sit or bend and ride the skateboard. In the beginning, it may be a little bit tricky to learn all the knacks of driving the skateboard but you will learn eventually over time.

Just riding at the same time and moving is simpler on a bike since it’s very steady and you clutch the handlebar.

On the skateboard, a more new or current rider can undoubtedly lose the control to adjust and have the board shoot from under them because of a knock in the ground, falling to the side.

This is all the more far-fetched to occur on a bike.

Final thoughts

Moving on a bike is simpler when compared to riding and pushing in a skateboard since you can risk close turning in no space because of the absence of the control steering, similar to on a little bicycle.

Turning very swiftly on a skateboard without losing your equilibrium requires more aptitudes because of the four-wheel plan.

So, according to your preference, required and skills you can go for the one that suits you best.

Be it the bike or skateboard, both are reliable to ride. But in terms of control, sturdiness, ease of riding and last lasting quality the bikes are a step further than the skateboards.

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