Are Low Trucks Better For Street Skating? (What You Should Know)

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When purchasing new skateboard trucks, there are a lot of factors to put into consideration, such as the height of the truck.

What does truck height mean?

This the overall distance from the base plate to the top of the hanger.

Note that there are no common measurements that can dictate the highness or lowness of a skateboard truck.

It all depends on the brand of the skateboard. Is it better to use low truck skateboards for street skating?

Finding the perfect truck is a difficult task and should be taken seriously.

What is Street Skating?

Street skating is a form of skateboarding competition where experts come together to showcase their flip tricks.

It is called Street skating because it mostly happens in the streets where anyone can join the competition.

For such a competition, you require the best skateboard for you to win. It is vital to know the best type of skateboard to use, whether the high or low truck skateboards are the best.

Skateboarding has become a popular outdoor activity over the past few years among the youth. It is a good way to keep fit as it involves a lot of movements.

In fact, parents nowadays urge their kids to indulge themselves in skateboarding to encourage them to be more active.

Difference between low and high truck skateboards

Low skateboard trucks are most suitable for technical skating. This is because the wheels are fixed nearer to the board hence a more rigid center of gravity. Ever asked yourself why low trucks are more stable than high trucks?

Because the rigid center of gravity helps with the balancing. Performing flip tricks with low trucks is easier and also reduced the chance of injury.

On the other hand, high trucks’ wheels are further from the board hence have a better turning ability. With high trucks, you can use big wheels and not get wheel bites.

High trucks are more suitable for beginners as they give more options when it comes to choosing wheel sizes.

Advantages of using low trucks.

  1. They are faster due to the distance between the board and the trucks, the wheels of the low truck skateboards mover faster than high trucks.
  2. It is easier to perform flip tricks with low truck skateboards. However, the ability to perform flip tricks is also dependent on the weight of the skateboard on its own.
  3. Low truck skateboards are most suitable for ledge grinds and general techniques. This means that those with high-level skills can use low truck skateboards wherever and whenever.
  4. There is a lesser chance of getting a wheel bite when using a low truck skateboard. However, most people complain that they experience wheel bites when they use the low truck skateboards; hence prefer using high truck skateboards.
  5. Low truck skateboards provide more stability and ease of slide as they are lower to the ground and are less affected by gravity.

Whether or not to choose high or low trucks entirely depends on different people and the different needs. Nevertheless, for street skating, low trucks are most suitable as they have so many advantages over the high trucks.

Disadvantages of low trucks

  1. They are not preferred for downhill activities. When you move at high speed, low trucks will give you stability but are not the most recommended for sharp corners.
  2. They are not strong enough as the weight distribution is mainly focused on the bolts holding the truck to the board. This can sometimes overwhelm the bolts and lead to injury, especially if the skateboard was moving at high speed.

How to choose a skateboard truck that suits you best

Getting a skateboard that makes you feel confident and as comfortable as possible while riding is not an easy task.

Other than the height of the truck, there are other factors that are important when choosing a skateboard.

Consider the following factors before getting any random skateboard that will leave you with regrets.

  1. Check the width of the skateboard. Measure the width of the axle and the hanger to figure out the right width. The trucks must perfectly suit the width of the skateboard. Getting one with the wrong width measurements might have negative impacts on the delivery of the skateboard. It might ever be hard to perform flip tricks in such a case. For the best result, choose a truck that has the same axle as the deck width. A difference of +-0.15 also gives good results.
  2. Your prowess in the skateboarding field. Are you a beginner or an expert? For beginners, high truck skateboards are the best option. They provide room for beginners to learn how to handle the skateboard and turn smoothly and also experience no wheel bite situations. After mastering the primary skills, you can now get yourself a low truck skateboard. It is said that low truck skateboards are mostly preferred by experienced skateboarders. The low truck skateboards are faster and are easily maneuvered to perform flip tricks.
  3. The size of the wheels you want to use. High trucks can accommodate both big and small wheels and give out excellent performance. Unlike high trucks, low truck skateboards can only use small wheels for them to function correctly. It is even unimaginable that someone can use big wheels on low truck skateboards.
  4. Consider the type of skateboard. Different skateboard models have different measurements; hence some are better for use than others. The quality may also differ depending on the brand. Some brands have better qualities than others. Choose your brand wisely as you required a skateboard that will last for a long time as well as give excellent performance.
  5. Your style of riding. Different skateboards require different types of expertise. You might find it difficult to ride a low truck skateboard simply because your style does not allow for it to be used in that manner. Make sure you choose the height of a truck that goes hand in hand with your style. Not unless you are willing to learn new techniques with the skateboard.
  6. The terrain. In some landscapes, low truck skateboards work better than high truck skateboards. This is because they have been built for use in specific terrains. If the street skating activity is to take place in a sloppy area, consider using a high truck skateboard.

If you put the above details into consideration, you will definitely not go wrong when choosing the height of the truck.

There is no standard height put in place specifically for street skating. The one that gives you the best performance is the one to choose.

When choosing trucks, always test both the high and low trucks so you can pick the best between the two.

For beginners, the high truck skateboards are the most recommended. Only go for the low truck skateboards if you are experienced in the field of skating.

As much as skating is fun, choosing the wrong height can lead to accidents and injuries.

Choose the right height for yourself to avoid such scenarios. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use the low truck skateboards or the high truck skateboards.


Skateboarding is a good outdoor activity that helps not only children but also adults to maintain physical fitness.

There are no bad boards when it comes to skateboarding. It is just about choosing the right skate for yourself. Consider all factors when choosing a skateboard for street skating.

As much as you want to win the competition, consider your safety as well.

Different boards cater to different needs. For street skating, low boards are the most recommended.

However, this all depends on your expertise, style, the terrain and the width of the skateboard.

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