Best Electric Unicycle Under $1,000: Top 10 Reviews

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Do you need the best electric unicycle under $1,000?

This article is written to guide you on how to identify the best electric unicycle.

However, there’re many companies producing electric unicycles out there. Knowing how to choose the best brand that has the qualities is sometimes challenging. 

You need an electric unicycle that has a self-balancing mechanism, reliable, maximum battery capacity, and highly efficient with excellent features that you can have fun with.

These qualities and features are what you’ll find in the top 10 electric unicycles that I review in this article.

To make your search for an electric unicycle under $1,000 easier, here are 10 best electric unicycles that I researched and recommended for you to choose from.

Here are the best electric unicycles under $1,000:


Below are the specs of Superide S1000 that’ll help you make a better decision concerning this motorized unicycle.

Battery Capacity 1000W
Charging Time3 — 4 hours
Mile Range15 miles
Speed 22mph
Tire Size14-inch
Unicycle Weight20 lbs
Weight Capacity280 lbs

Most people buy Superride S1000 because of the soft seat designed to provide extra comfort.

This is a great electric unicycle that you can use to travel for 15 miles on a single fully-charged. 

The charging system is enhanced with a fast charging feature, which takes only an hour to be completely charged unlike other electric unicycles.

This is a futuristic and good looking electric unicycle you can ride for maximum comfort.

The battery lifespan/capacity is 1000W. This makes it possible for riders to use all the electric features built into it, like the Bluetooth speaker for music and LED light.

Superride S1000 has removeable battery system. You can easily charge the battery conveniently because of the rmovable feature.

With a fully charged battery, Superride S1000 can cover 15 miles. It can also run at a high speed of 22 mile per hour.

This is recommended for those who want to commute for a longer distance without having battery failure.

It has a soft rubber seat, and easy grip handlebars that make long distance riding enjoyable and comfortable.

The Superride S1,000 is highly stable becuase of the 14-inch tire. The tire make it safe to ride on rough terrain.

The LED headlight and the electronic horn make the unicycle safer to ride on top of high speeds.  

It has an LED headlight, which shows when you’re riding at the top speed. The LED light signal helps riders to be more focused when they’re at top of high-speed.

Another feature is the electronic horn for creating awareness when riding.

Superride S1000 has the capacity to carry 280 pounds. It highly-durable and sturdy to withstand any weather elements.

The unicycle weight of Superride S1000 is 20 lbs. The unicycle weight makes the wheeler stable. 

You can easily carry it when you aren’t riding it because of the lighterweight.

2. InMotion V8

The most attractive feature of Inmotion V8 is the one single battery capacity that takes-up 15 miles upon fully-charge.

Below is Inmotion V8 specs:

Battery Capacity 800W
Charging Time4 hours
Mile Range19 miles
Speed 15mph
Tire Size16-inch
Unicycle Weight38 lbs
Weight Capacity260 lbs

It has a retractable handle that makes it easy to carry when you aren’t riding.

The InMotion V8 has a battery capacity of 800-watt that runs 19 miles per hour on a single charge. 

The capacity of InMotion V8 battery is an ideal solution for those who take up long distnce ride.

The total range of the electric unicycle is 30 miles on a single charge. And it takes 4 hours for the battery to be fully-charged.

inMotion V8 can’t be ridden effectively on the rough terrains. It’s also difficult to climb a hill. The brand has to work in improving this important feature.

The unicycle weight of InMotion V8 is 38 lbs, which offers the unicycle a great stability and safety to ride on top of high speed.

While the weight capacity it can handle is 250 pounds. This weight makes it suitable for most people that’s within this weight limit.

The motorised unicycle is designed with four platforms with grip that prevent the feet from slipping off.

The foot platform makes it easy to use by both beginners and experienced ones. The entry-level of this electric unicycle became easy because of the foot platform.

3. LHY RIDING Electric Unicycle 

Below are the specs of LHY RIDING Electric unicycle.

Battery Capacity 60v
Charging Time1.5 hours
Mile Range15 miles
Speed 15mph
Tire Size16-inch
Unicycle Weight21 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

LHY RIDING Electric unicycle has the best self-balancing mechanism. The self-balancing mechanism feature makes it fit for both beginners and experienced ones.

The battery has capacity to runs for 15 miles upon a single charge. It uses electric unicycle make use of durable and an effective high-quality Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery.

It has features that control the speed via forward and backward system of operation. The seats are used by riders to control the direction of the unicycle.

The manufacturer of this electric unicycle need to improve on the battery capacity to enble it run for long distance.

Because of the batery capacity is much lower than the average, the motor of the power will struggle on hills and off-road.

On rough terrains, the battery will not last long, this default will make you not to cover long distance rides.

The weight limit of LHY RIDING Electric unicycle is 265 pounds. The unicycle weight capacity is 21 lbs.

4. Xyout Smart Unicycle

Are you looking for the best electric unicycle with a seat that’s under $1,000?

The Xyout Smart unicycle is what you need because it’s under $1,000 and has all the features you need to have a pleasurable ride.

It’s designed with soft seats that make riders enjoy the comfort of riding and have fun while cruising around town.

This is specially designed for those who prefer seating riding than standing. The seat has grip that gives maximum safety to riders.

It’s customised with chip, which you can use to control the speed, light, and bringing it to stop.

It has the highest self-balanced mechanism among other electric unicycle out there. People buy Xyout Smart unicycle because of the self -balancing mechanism feature. 

The Xyout Smart Unicycle has a battery capacity of 1000W, which is good to run all the electronic features built into a motorised unicycle.

Upon a single charge of the battery, the Smart unicycle has the capcity to cover 28 miles. 

It take only 2 hours to get the battery fully charged. The battery can easily be repalce when it down. 

So, travelling with Smart uncycle you don’t get worries with battery because you can as well get extra battery to serve as substitute when one runs down.

Xyout Smart Unicycle is built to travel at a top speed of 15 miles per hour. The speed make it suitable for beginners who’re just starting out to ride.

It has display or indicator that show the amount of battery power that has be used. Though, it doesn’t have indicator that shows the exact speed you’re driving poupon 

The battery has the capacity to run a motor watt of 1000W. The battery also makes the chip built into it, to be effective and efficient in control the unicycle.

The motor chip intelligent protect the motorised unicycle from overcharging, overheating, overcurrent, short circuiting and improper battery equalization.

An excellent motor chip intelligent that is designed to ensure the unicycle is in good battery condition at all times.

The weight capacity of the electric unicycle is 310 pounds, which makes it safe and fit for many that their weight falls under the weight limit.

Looking for the electric unicycle that has the best self-balancing system is Xyout Smart unicycle.

5. Gotway Monster V3

Battery Capacity 2000W
Mile Range96 miles
Speed 33mph
Tire Size22-inch
Unicycle Weight64 lbs
Warranty12 months

Gotway Monster V3 come with 2 set of batteries, that ensure the unicycle cover a long duistnace unpon a single charge.

It has a huge tire that makes it stable and safe for riders, even at the rough terrains and inclining hills.

Entry-level is easy because of the huge tire. That’s why this unicycle is call beginners’ friendly unicycle.

Gotway Monster V3 has smooth exteriod with futuristic look that’re eye catching. This is not just beautiufy but highly durable and sturdy.

This is among the fastest and efficicent unicycle that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Gitway Monster V3 is built with 2-set of batteries; 1845Wh and 2400Wh capacity.

The batteries capacity make the unicycle to run for 74 miles with a 70kg rider at 20km/hour speed upon single charge of the batteries.

The batteries has the capacity to cover 12 miles when the 2 batteries are fully-charged. The upgrade motor watt is 2000W, which provide a high speed of 38+ mph.

The wheel size of Gotway Monster V3 is 22-inch that offer riders the maximum stability and safety they needs.

The size of the tire make it possible for riders to ride it comfortably on the rough terrains and climb hill effortlessly also because of the capacity of the motor watt.

Gotway Monster V3 is designed with bNikola pedals and grip-tape that give riders confidence to rider in wet conditions.

It has an additional feature of 5W Bluetooth speakers, which you can use to hear your favorite music while riding.

It’s easy to carry because of the under-handle lift switch, which keep the motor from spinning up while picking up to get over the stairs.

6. King Song 16X

Below is the specs of King Song 16X

Battery Capacity 2200W
Mile Range65 miles
Speed 31 mph
Tire Size16×3 inches
Unicycle Weight51.8 lbs
Warranty12 months

One of the best electric unicycle with bright and high-desity lighting is king Song 16X. Riding the King Song 16X at night become enjoyabe becaus of the right.

It has high capacity battery of 2200W that cover 65-mile range with total speed of 31 mile per hour.

Once the battery is fully charged, it has the capacity to cover a long distance ride and it also plays music.

The battery takes 4 hours to be fully charged, especially when you’re using a 5A faster charger.

The 16×3 inches tire gives the unicycle excellent stability and safety. As a beginner, ridding King Song 16X for the first time become easy and simple because of the tire size.

It built with seat that you can actually use to seat after long distance ride and you still more distance ride on.

You can easily transport King Song 16X because it’s designed with retractable alloy trolleying handle.

It has additional features likre the quad-5Wspeakers, a 10W sub-woofer, and high-desity LED lighting.

It has the capacity to hold weight of 330 pounds. The uncicycle weight of King Song 16X is 51.6 pounds.

7. Gotway Nikola 2000W

Below is the specs of Gotway Nikola 2000W

Battery Capacity 2000W
Mile Range70 — 100 miles
Speed 35 — 40 mph
Tire Size16×3 inches
Unicycle Weight54 — 60 lbs
Warranty12 months

Do you need an electric unicycle to commute for a long distance? Gotway Nikola 2000W is designed for a long distance commute.

The long distance ride is made possible by Gotway Nikola 2000W because of the battery capacity that powers the features.

It is built with four different battery options; 84v 1600Wh, 84v 2100Wh, 100v 1845Wh, and 100v 1800Wh model.

These battery options offer different performance that has the latest Panasonic 21700 cell. 

With these battery options, the unicycle will cover 35-34 mph in speed and 70 — 100 miles in range.

Gotway Nikola 2000W is among the motorised unicycles that has the highest battery capacity. The battery is removable for replacement when it’s down.

It has additional features of a high-density LED ring, which goes round the perimeter of the wheel to indicate if you’re riding in low light conditions.

The wheel size of the unicycle is 16×3 inches, which means the width is 16 and the height is 3 that offer maximum stability and safety.

The size of the tire makes it easy to ride on unpaved surfaces like dirty, gravel, and wet surfaces.

It has a Bluetooth music speaker with 2x25W model, which makes it louder than most electric unicycles out there.

It’s designed with a voltmeter that shows how far the battery has charged. It’s located close to the power switch.

8. Segway One S1 

The specification of Segway One S1 show below

Battery Capacity 310W
Charging Time3 — 4 hours
Mile Range15 miles
Speed 12.5 mph
Tire Size14-inch
Unicycle Weight25 lbs
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Charging Time4 hours

This is an excellent electric unicycle that’s compact and it’s lightweight. The weight makes the entry-level of the unicycle become easy and confidence to all riders.

It has a battery capacity to handle all the electric features built into it. The charging time for the battery is 4 hours. 

The Segway One S1 has a weight capacity of 25 lbs and the weight it can hold is 220 lbs. The weight capacity of the unicycle makes it easy and lightweight for entry-level.

The electric unicycle has a retractable handle that you can use to carry it when it is not in use. The lightweight also makes it easy for you to carry it.

It has a customised LEDs feature that makes the electric unicycle impressive. The LED lights serve as indicators like speed, low battery, and transfer of music.

The mobile app built makes the electric unicycle more motorised unicycle friendly because you can easily control safety and speed via phone.

Segway One S1 has safety and stability with a certificate number of UL 2272 certificate.

9. Veteran Sherman 20″

The Veteran Sherman 20’’ has a powerful battery with a capacity of 2500W motor that provides excellent ride to all users.

It takes 6 hours for the battery to be fully-charged and it has 2 dual-charging systems. The 2 dual-system makes it easy for the battery to get full on time.

Veteran Sherman 20’’ has the capacity to cover 128 miles when the battery is fully charged.

No matter the distance you want to run at, the miles range is enough for every long distance rider.

Veteran Sherman 20’’ lacks speakers but has LED light display board, which serves as an indicator to control like; low battery and high speed.

It has a tire size of 20 inches makes the motorised unicycle easy to be ridden on difficult terrains also off-road.

The unicycle weight is 77 lbs while the weight capacity is 330 lbs. The unicycle weight makes it lighter and easy to carry when it’s not being driven. 

It has a maximum speed of 45mph. Riders that like speed they always go for these electric unicycles.

It has an effective control system because of the dual cooling fans that’s built into it for active controller cooling.

The Veteran Sherman 20’’ has soft pedals that’re smooth, which offer rider maximum comfort.

The electric unicycle is highly stunning, sturdy, and durable that you’re confident in to last for years.

10. NEW King Song S18

The New King Song S18 has full body suspension with stunning looks. It’s an absolutely sturdy and durable electric unicycle for pleasure and fun.

It has a large tire size of 18-inch that is safe to ride rough terrain and off-road. The tire makes it strong to hold on to heavyweight. 

It has the capacity to run at a speed of 31 mph because of the present 100mm air shock suspension.

This brand is known for producing high-quality unicycles that’re safe to ride with maximum stability even on the off-road.

At a single charge, the New King Song S18 can cover 44.5 miles without developing any fault during the ride.

It has a battery capacity of 1,110 Wh that you can use to ride for long distances without experiencing any low battery. It’s designed to work with an external charger with a power of 780Wh.

Completely equipped with a unique high and low beam headlight for visibility especially at night. It has the additional feature of retractable telescopic rails.

An Incredible electric unicycle with high-beneficial features that’ll make you enjoy your ride even on the off-road.

It has an additional pedal adjustment, which you can use to suit your height for convinience and comfort sake.


Here you have the best top 10 electric unicycle that’s under $1,000 with excellent features.

This list is carefully selected to help ease your search and make you have the best electric unicycle that’s worth your bill.

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