Can A 16 Year Old Drive Electric Scooter? (Read This First)

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Are you thinking of getting your 16 year old an electric scooter but you aren’t too sure if they can drive it?

Likewise, most people want to know if it is lawful for a minor to ride an electric scooter.

Because an electric scooter is one of the best presents you can give to your child as a gift during holiday or any festive period.

The electric scooter is an easy way to introduce your child into two wheel sport. It’s designed for kids to have fun and engage in meaningful exercise.

A 16 year old can drive an electric scooter when they’re properly trained. They should wear scooter protective gear to prevent injury. However, check with your State Regulatory Body to be sure that a 16 year old is eligible to drive an e-Scooter in your state.

Driving an electric scooter makes a 16-year olds gain the required confidence to handle any challenges. It increases the motor skill of a 16 year old to become more coordinated in life.

Do 16 Year old Require Supervision To Drive An Electric Scooter?

Irrespective of the age bracket, everyone riding an electric scooter for the first time requires supervision. The essence of supervision is to train the person on how to balance their body when riding.

Likewise, a 16 year old boy or girl requires training on how to ride an electric scooter. Training will make them know how to effectively use the feature built into an electric scooter. 

They require maximum satisfactory training because electric scooters are not safe for unlearned people. They need to master driving before they can be left alone to drive on their own.

The clear understanding of modern electric scooters will help you to impact the learning skill of those who want to drive an electric scooter.

The modern electric scooters have high technology features that require better understanding for safety. However, the electric scooter technology available today has more features that make it safe for under 16-year olds. Its safer now than before.

Part of the improved technology features of modern electric scooters are better brakes, improved speed restriction capabilities, and updated balance control features that make an electric scooter safer for under 16 years of age.

Modern electric scooter has a wider deck, which makes it more simple and easier to drive safely, comfortably and well balanced. It also has features that regulate the speed limit. As parents or guardians you can actually set the speed limit before your child starts to drive.

After considering these features that are built into the modern electric scooter, you’ll discover that 16 year olds need to be training or be under supervision.

The area you need to focus on is the body balance when riding. How to use the brake system to bring the scooter to a stop when it is required.

As a trainer it is your duty to ensure the scooter size the child comfortably. Once the child height is not a bit taller than the handle, chances are the child might not be able to ride it.

Supervision of your 16-year old is important, that’s why manufacturers recommend it.

Supervising your kids when driving an electric scooter guarantees their safety and comfortability. 

In as much as there are a variety of different scooter options available to them with better features.

Some of the features are speed restrictions, gyroscopic balance technology, and other features that allow you to “scale up or scale down” the capabilities of the scooter to match the age and experience of your child.

Hence you still need to train your child on how to drive a scooter and supervise them properly to ensure no injury.

Ensure 16 Year Old Ride With Protective Scooter Gear

Scooter protective gear is designed by manufacturers for unskilled scooters. It helps them to ride without sustaining injury if there is any clash.

Protective gear is very important for a 16 years who wants to ride an electric scooter. You’ll not be happy when your child sustains injury while riding a scooter.

Therefore, getting them an electric scooter protective gear will help reduce the rate at which they will injure when there is an accident.

As parents or guardians, ensure that you provide your child with the right safety gear and equipment.

The way you wouldn’t allow your young child loose on a bicycle without a helmet or training wheels when learning how to ride a bike, you wouldn’t allow your child loose on an electric scooter and hope for safety.

Protective gear makes 16 year olds to enjoy electric scooters, especially when riding for the very first time in their scooting.

Some of the high-quality protective gear are helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and even lightweight protectors.

There are some that have built into the athletic clothes, these ones are still a good choice for your 16 year old when learning how to ride.

Shoes are not left out in the protective gear as well. You need to get your child the right shoes when driving a scooter for the very first time. 

Don’t just buy any shoes but get athletic shoes with rubber soles that offer a little bit of extra grip and make riders comfortable irrespective of the number hours they ride are typically the best option.

You can also go for shoes you can easily fasten instead of those with shoelaces. Getting your child the right scooter protective gear will enhance their motor skill and make them use it on time.

Provide A 16 Year Old With The Right Electric Scooter

The growth rate of teanagers is not in the same bracket. Some grow faster in body status than the others. They may be of the same age but taller than each other.

Since the body growth rate of under 16 year olds aren’t on the page, likewise they will not use the size of an electric scooter.

The tall child with a short-arm will not use the same electric scooter with a shorter person of a long-arm who are of the same age bracket.

So, for your child to ride an electric scooter comfortably, you need to get them the exact size. Precise size of an electric scooter will contribute to their fast learning process.

Under-size scooter will make your child struggle to push forward and the handlebar will not be able to deliver a better grip that leads to an excellent control system.

Under-size scooters will not have wider decks to place foot. Improper placement of foot will not produce excellent driving. Lack of excellent driving is lack of comfort. 

Get your child especially the under 16 year old precise scooter size, which will not only make them learn faster but also offer the best exercise and fun.

An electric scooter serves multi-purposes, which outstanding two among these are fun and exercise. 

Any scooter that’s either under-size or oversize will not deliver any of the functions of fun or exercise. Before you can get exact exercise or fun, the scooter must be your size.

It’s important when a child is riding a scooter for the first time, they start with an exact scooter. Sizeable scooters will make them learn faster and have maximum control.

Body balance is one of the learnable skills everyone who starts out scooter for the first time needs to know. Without exact scooter size you’ll not be able to maintain proper body size.

Apparently, 16 year olds will drive an electric scooter perfectly when you get them the exact size.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Scooter For A 16 Year Old

There are factors you need to consider when you want to buy a scooter for your child. These factors will guide you to select the best scooter that’ll enable the child to enjoy riding a scooter and have excellent fun or exercise.

First, the locational factor. Where your kid will ride their scooter matters a lot. Riding environment will determine the kind of scooter to buy. Does the area require high speed, sturdy and big tires? These are some of the factors that make an environment important.

Another reason for an environmental consideration is will your child drive up and down the driveway, to and fro from school, around a local park, or around the neighborhood?

When you’re able to answer these questions regarding the driving area, then will you know the type of scooter you get for your 16 year old.

You think all scooters have the same features but they are not. Some scooters come with special wheels, which are excellent for specific terrain. 

It’s important for you to know if the type of scooter you want to get for your kid can handle the terrain they will be riding on. Better, choose the modern scooter that’s built to handle some specific terrains.

Secondly, think about the speed limit you want your kid to ride. There are some scooters without a speed regulator. These types of scooters are not necessarily good for beginners.

If the terrain is not smooth and you don’t  have complete scooter protective gear, then you need to buy the one with speed limit control.

The speed limit control will help you to set the speed limit you want your kid to drive with. Scooter that is built with a speed limit regulator is perfect for beginners.

Beginners don’t need to start with high speed. The higher the speed the exposure they are to injury. Beginners don’t have the control skill yet when there is a clash. But with low speed, they will be able to control the scooter in case of any clash.

What about the brake system? Is it functioning very well? Select a scooter with a high functionable brake for your kid. Brakes are very important because they help to bring the scooter into stop in case of any emergency.

Imagining what will happen when the brake is not functioning very well?

It might cause severe injury. You can avoid any injury by selecting a better scooter with a high functioning brake. It is more safe for you to buy a high braking system scooter for your kid.


A 16 year old can drive an electric scooter when you train them. Scooters in general are safe to drive — especially when people use the right protective gear.

Gift your 16 year old with an electric scooter to commute around the neighborhood and also engage in exercise.

An electric scooter provides an easier way to build confidence in your child and improve their motor skill.

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