Are Electric Bikes Good For Seniors? (Are They Safe?)

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Physical activity does everyone good, irrespective of their age.

With aging, a person may not be able to work out as much as they earlier did. But seniors too can benefit tremendously from attempting to stay fit.

A low-impact exercise is primed to deliver the best results for seniors. A few of the frequent examples of the same include swimming, stretching, and dancing. While a senior can ride a bicycle comfortably and safely, it is one of the best exercises for him or her.

Stationary bikes work effectively in this regard. But a bike boom took place during the 1970s and electric bikes were greatly popularized during the era.

Electric bikes worked exceptionally well for people aged 50 or even more. Using electric bikes did not call for one to be an ardent biker. One could take up eBiking even if they had not gone cycling since childhood.

One of the prime advantages of electric bikes comes to the fore when one finds it difficult to pedal even while one is young at heart. An e-bike will make motorized assistance available, which makes it easier and more comfortable for seniors to pedal.

Beyond being easy to pedal, a senior has to try and ensure that he goes for an e-bike that is secure and ensures an enjoyable eBiking experience.

Bicycling, in general, works well for seniors

Irrespective of whether a senior uses a regular bike, a stationary bike, or an e-bike, it delivers great results for his overall health and well-being. Using an eBike is a fine way to keep one’s muscles and heart healthy.

A few of the top conditions that hinder seniors from cycling include limited mobility, fatigue associated with aging, joint pains, and bad knees. But one of the most important advantages that come with cycling over other exercises is that it is gentler on the knees and feet, as compared to running. It is a highly practicable solution.

Pedal-assist and throttle features of eBikes also come to be particularly useful. Seniors get assistance with pedaling when they go uphill, and downhill, it’s always easy.  So, riding an e-bike is an easy ride for a senior at all times, and it delivers some good exercise as well.

Whenever a senior rides an e-bike, he can pedal for the duration he likes. When the legs begin to tire out, he can start using the pedal-assist features and give his legs a break. This will allow him to keep bicycling, go for longer rides, and enjoy the views and the sceneries. It becomes a recreational exercising experience.

Several people use stationary bikes for cardiovascular rehabilitation. Using eBikes will be a pleasant change in their routines. Exercise routines give good results only when one enjoys them. It is difficult to enjoy a gym routine when there are only a limited number of things that one can do. But when a senior invests in an eBike, one enjoys the rides. One goes cycling during the mornings and sometimes during the evenings as well. This augurs well for the heart and keeps one fit. Exercise becomes more fun. At times, some friends can get together and go on cycling trips. At other times, one can go on bicycling trips with anyone in one’s family, such as one’s grandchildren. Investing in an eBike is one of the finest ways to fill up one’s lungs with fresh air early in the morning.

When a senior transitions to eBiking from using a stationary bike, he boosts a range of additional skills, including balance and muscle strength. Additionally, eBikes give one the liberty to take the routes which meet one’s fancy, a facility not available over stationary bikes.

eBikes sometimes make effective resources for a telerehabilitation program that a senior undergoes. A senior can come and discuss his experiences with a physiotherapist over his smartphone after his eBiking session ends. Or a group of bikers from all places in the world can discuss their experiences together with a physiotherapist over a video call, and benefit from each other’s experiences. They can come to know about the difficulties faced by their friends and share solutions from their personal experience.

The best part about using an eBike is that it features a flexible resistance level. It does not tire one out much while it delivers a great exercise. Flexible resistance levels keep one feeling fitter and better all through the day. One begins to sleep better and feel better and enjoys every moment of the day.

Bicycling, overall, is a rejuvenating experience. By maintaining the right posture while eBiking, the overall ergonomics in day to day life improve. Incidents of aches and pains reduce in intensity and frequency. A person feels young and free at all times.

Electric bikes help with the maintenance and treatment of a host of conditions

eBiking is one of the best ways to counter obesity. It is further known to help fight conditions such as Parkinson’s and arthritis. For osteoarthritis patients, in particular, eBiking is known to boost functioning and reduce the severity of pain.

The benefits of eBiking further extend to the psychological well-being of seniors. A person feels better throughout the day, and fitness levels are high. With some regular practices, a person is in a better position to manage the rigors involved with everyday life and does not tire out easily.

eBiking for neurological and cognition related disorders

eBiking is known to be effective for a range of neurology and cognition related conditions, such as Parkinson’s disorder. It enables patients to get their lives on track, but it is recommendable to consult with a doctor before one goes ahead with eBiking. A doctor will be in the best position to recommend the right course of action based on the severity of the condition for a particular patient.

Addressing safety concerns while eBiking

A senior should nevertheless consider the severity of his condition before investing in an eBike because safety comes above all else. If maneuvering or balancing the bike is going to be a difficulty, it is safer to not experiment at all.

Similarly, it is preferable to go eBiking at times such as dawn or dusk, over roads that do not have much traffic at these hours. At peak hours, it is preferable to not go biking at all.

A fine idea that will work in this regard is to first decide the track for eBiking, in the vicinity of one’s home. A person can then put a couple of electric bikes in their car’s boot and drive down to the location.

Then, you could unload the boot and start eBiking with your loved ones. It could be a nice picnic of sorts if you carries a mat, sandwiches, and a game of housie. If not, you could make it into practice and go eBiking on tracks that are best suited for the purpose. If you find multiple tracks of this nature in the vicinity of your home, it will induce a variety in your routine and make the exercise more fun.

Final thoughts

It is then important to ensure that your e-bike is in a condition of peak performance before you go ahead with using it. This helps keep the trips more enjoyable and safer, by simplifying the maneuverability of the bike while giving more control to the rider. So endeavor to have your eBike serviced at regular intervals.

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