How Long Does It Take for A Hoverboard to Charge?

hoverboard charging
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If the delivery guy has just delivered you a brand-new hoverboard and you are so excited to take a ride on it, hold on a minute, you need to charge it first.

Or perhaps, you’re looking to get a modern hoverboard that has long-lasting battery and easy to ride, we’ve got you covered.

The burning question will be “How long will it take to fully charge the board?”.

It takes most hoverboards 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. A smaller hoverboard will take a shorter time to charge, and you’ll get notified when it’s fully charged.

Now that you know the required time it takes for a hoverboard to charge, you might be interested in the best hoverboard brands and models with strong battery-life.


Hoverboard battery

Hoverboards have a battery that is rechargeable and propels the wheel motors to enhance movement. It’s easy to charge your overboard.

  • Switch off the board first.
  • Ensure that no charging port pins are neither damaged or bent in any way.
  • Smoothly line up the charging port groove and charging cable groove.
  • Carefully insert the pins correctly. Then insert one end of the charger into the mains and the other end in the hoverboard.
  • You then just put on the switch and charging starts automatically. If you are charging for the first time, then don’t use it until its fully charged.

After its fully charged, you can start utilizing it while making quick charges. If you desire high-quality accessories (for instance, charger), then buy high-quality hoverboards.

You can check the charging progress on the notification part of the hoverboard.

For instance, a red light appears when the battery is critically low, orange color when the battery is “healthy” and green color when fully charged.

The hoverboard notifies you once it is fully charged. In most brands, the estimated time for charging is two to three hours.

The average time can differ when compared to different brands (Swegway hoverboard takes 2 hours), but mostly the battery type and hoverboard type affect charging time.

The smaller the hoverboard, the less time it takes to charge and the larger the hoverboard, the more time it takes to charge.

However, in the latest brands, once it is fully charged, then there is automatic power supply cut off to prevent overheating of either the charger or the battery.

Overcharging is dangerous to your device, you don’t need to leave it charging past the 3 hours or once it is fully charged. It should give a long ride of 3 to 7 hours without rest.

You can use the color indicators to determine when it’s necessary to charge depending on the distance you want to travel.

There have been critical safety concerns, for instance, hoverboards have caught fire due to overcharging for many hours leading to overheating of the battery or charger.

This lead to County Fire Control Departments to issue advisory warnings to citizens. Also, investigations are being carried out by the Fire Control Departments.

Since October, more than 20,000 hoverboards have been confiscated by the British government for the purpose of battery quality tests. Over 80% of the tested batteries failed the tests as the lithium-ion batteries were faulty, that is, at risk of exploding or overheating.

There have been fire disasters in London, Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. Halford brands were confiscated due to fire risks. Fire Control Department gave advice on how to utilize the hoverboards to avoid fire instances e.g.

  • Leave the device attended when charging
  • Don’t charge it overnight
  • Don’t use 3rd party chargers
  • Ensure the charger

you buy has an efficient customer support and adequate warranty for insurance. Go for high capacity batteries to ensure that the ride lasts long enough.

Batteries are vital as they determine the weight of hoverboard, the distance you can travel and the speed (miles per hour). The charger needs to be of low weight making it highly portable making it more convenient.

High-quality batteries and chargers are usually very expensive but long-lasting. Most people opt for Chinese batteries as they are cheap, as they shy away from the expensive Samsung batteries.

Chinese batteries have roughly 300 cycles and a capacity of 3500 mAh x 10 cells. This comes to a total of 35,000 mAh. Samsung batteries have roughly 350 cycles and a capacity of 4100 mAh x 10.

This totals to 41000 mAh. Therefore, Samsung batteries last longer than Chinese batteries by 17 %. Samsung batteries have more power than Chinese ones, that is, it can handle inclined topographies better when you are on a ride.

The average time a battery lasts is highly affected by the conditions of the ride and the rider’s weight.

You should expect 13 miles per charge. The latest hoverboards will awe you as they have more battery power than iPhone 7 phones.

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