Hoverboard Low Price: Complete Guide To Buying A Hoverboard

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If you’re interested to know the best hoverboards with low prices that don’t explode, this guide will help you. Even though most hoverboards don’t exactly hover, they took the world by storm. It became an extremely popular product in a short time. Then hoverboards started exploding while users were charging them. Some hoverboards even went further and exploded while idle.

This was a bad reputation for a product that celebrities and everyone else had fallen in love with. Soon the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) started recalling hoverboards to prevent more explosions.

It was a bad patch for the product in 2015, but this has led to a far better product in 2018. Now, hoverboards have to go through UL 2272 certification to be sure they are safe enough for users.

If you have ever thought about buying a hoverboard, now is the right time. You have no fear of an explosion. If you hear or feel a boom beneath your feet this time around, it’s probably the speaker of your hoverboard blasting music while you enjoy a ride.

Can this get better? Yes. Because you can now obtain these safe hoverboards at cheap prices. In this post, I’m going to talk about 7 hoverboards that you can get at a low price and enjoy every benefit that comes with it.

Due to the importance of safety in any product, all hoverboards in this guide have UL 2272 certification for safety. These products can be used without fear of explosion.

Skque X1/l series

Skque is a two-wheel auto self-balancing scooter and has many hoverboards in its X1/l series. They are differentiated by wheel size, colors, Bluetooth functionality, and price. I’m going to talk about some of them here.

Skque has six 6.5-inch wheel models which come in different colors. Two of them has Bluetooth functionality. These two are the chrome blue and chrome silver color models. The other 4 colors are black, blue, red, and white.

One other difference apart from Bluetooth is that the devices with Bluetooth also have LED lights on top of the wheelhouse. These lights display three colors: red, blue, and green. They all have beautiful wheels and the device is beautiful to look upon.

The Bluetooth versions weigh just under 25 lbs while the non Bluetooth versions weigh just under 26 lbs. The Bluetooth version has a width of 25.6 inches while the non-Bluetooth versions have a width of 26.6 inches. These are small differences compared to Bluetooth.

In this series, there are three 8-inch wheel models. There are black and blue models which are also equipped with bluetooth and LED lights on top of the wheel housing.

The red 8-inch wheel hoverboard has a different design from the other two. The wheel house is smaller, and without the LED lights. It looks similar to the 10-inch wheel version.

The biggest hoverboard in this series is the red 10-inch wheel version. If you plan to use your hoverboard in a rough terrain or you just love heights, then the 10-inch wheel version is for you. With a 25.6-inch width, there is enough space to place your feet.

The LED lights are arranged in a curved line below the foot mat. The 10-inch version weighs just under 29 lbs which is a bit on the high side especially for children.

Apart from these differences, most of the other specifications are similar among all the hoverboards in the series. They all possess battery capacity of 42000 mAh which can be charged fully between 1-2 hours.

With a single charge, a Skque hoverboard can ride a distance of 20 km at a maximum speed of 12kmph (7.45 mph). These hoverboards can carry a load of 264 lbs (120 kg) which means it can be used conveniently by most adults.

As mentioned earlier, these hoverboards also differ in their prices. The red non-bluetooth version costs $307.48, the black $308.81, the blue $312.50, and the white $319.42. The 6.5-inch wheel bluetooth versions cost $424.99 for both colours. The 8-inch wheel black version costs $432.60, the blue $399.99, and the red $403.74. The 10-inch wheel red version costs $455.03.

Swagtron T580

Swagtron T580 has a sleek design and with its bluetooth functionality, you can enjoy your favourite songs while taking a ride on it. It comes in 3 colours: black, blue, and red. With a weight of 20 lbs (9kg), Swagtron T580 is light and can be carried conveniently, even by children.

It can support a weight of up to 220 lbs (100 kg) which means it can be used by adults. With a width of 22.5 inches, there is enough space for your feet to stand on. It has apps for both iPhones and Android devices through which you can change modes, access map functions, and check battery levels.

You can charge the Swagtron T580 within 90-100 minutes which is fast compared to other hoverboards. With this charge, the hoverboard can travel up to 8 miles at a maximum speed of 7.5 mph using its 3 modes.

What if you’re climbing a hilly place? No problem. Because the Swagtron T580 can climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. It has 6.5-inch hard rubber tyres which is common for hoverboards.

These tyres deliver a smooth ride on a road but may suffer if you use it on a rough terrain. It also has LED lights which makes riding in the dark possible.

The black model of Swagtron T580 costs $199.99, while the blue colour costs $248.18, and the red costs $219.99.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a popular hoverboard and it is easy to see. Why? With a combination of good features and a low price, it is an attractive option. The Hovertrax 2.0 comes in 3 colours: black, blue, and white.

The 6.5-inch wheel is beautiful with the Razor logo on it. The LED lights are also unique as they form arrows on both sides of the hoverboard. The Hovertrax 2.0 has a width of 23.5 inches which gives enough room for your feet as you ride.

It weighs 19 lbs which is light and can be carried easily. It is recommended for use by people who are 8 and above. It is made with rubber materials and can withstand a maximum weight of 220 lbs (100 kg). With a single charge, it can be used continuously for 60 minutes at a maximum speed of 8 mph.

All color variants of the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 costs $299.99.

Spadger self-balancing scooter

Spadger self-balancing scooter comes in 3 colours: black, red, and white. With a 6.5-inch wheel, it is equipped for a smooth ride on smooth surfaces. It has a width of 26 inches which gives a lot of room to your feet as you stand on it.

With a single charge, your spadger hoverboard can last an hour while travelling 12 miles. It can also ride at a maximum speed of 7 mph. It does pretty well on slopes as it can climb slopes as steep as 15 degrees and your feet is kept firm on the non-slip footpad.

It weighs 24.5 lbs and can support a maximum weight of 265 lbs (120 kg). It has LED lights which allows you to ride in the dark.

Both color variants of Spadger self-balancing scooter is $199.99.

Eyourlife Hoverboard

Eyourlife hoverboard has a design that is unique and in a beautiful way. It has 6.5-inch wheels which is common to most hoverboards. It also has a width of 26 inches which is comfortable for accommodating the feet of anybody who may want to use it. It comes in black color.

Eyourlife hoverboard weighs 23 lbs which is light and can be easily carried in case you lose consciousness of time and ride your hoverboard empty a long way from your house. It can support a weight of 220 lbs (100kg) which makes it suitable for adults, as well as children.

It takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery and it can travel a maximum distance of 9 miles. It can also move at a maximum speed of 10 mph. It has LED light which helps visibility and battery indicator lights to show the level of charge on the battery.

Eyourlife has an app for both iPhone and Android devices through which you can change riding modes.

And did I remember to tell you that you can also play music on your hoverboard through Bluetooth while enjoying a ride? Not too bad. While riding, you may encounter a hilly place. When you do that, you’ll be better off with Eyourlife hoverboard as it can climb hills as steep as 15 degrees.

Eyourlife costs $199.99.

Tomoloo self-balancing scooter

Tomoloo has the flashy look with its LED lights that display four colours. It also has a 6.5-inch wheel with a beautiful design. It has an app which allows you to control the device. With a width of 25.5 inches, there is enough space for your feet on the hoverboard.

It comes with the colour K1 black. With a single charge, Tomoloo can ride for up to 12 miles at a maximum speed of 10 mph. It can do all these while supporting a load of 264 lbs (100 kg). These are high values when compared to other hoverboards with similar prices.

One other thing Tomoloo offers you is the ability to enjoy music through Bluetooth, while taking a ride on it.

You can get Tomoloo at a price of $299.00.

Jetson V8

Jetson V8 is the most expensive hoverboard on this list. But it is also the only hoverboard on this list that has an all-terrain 8.5-inch wheels.

This set of wheels allow you to travel on gravel, grass and any rough terrain without any fear of damage to the tyres or your device. With IPX4 water resistance rating, you can enjoy your ride on Jetson V8 in even wet terrains and you can ride through puddles as many times as you wish.

This is not all. With a width of 32.2 inches, there is enough space to stand as you ride.

It also has a firm foot pad that means you don’t have to worry about slipping while on the Jetson V8. It has LED lights under the foot pad to aid your visibility while riding in the dark. It also has LED lights in the rear with pointed arrows to serve as braking lights.

You can charge your Jetson V8 in 1.5 hours which is very fast relatively to other hoverboards. With this single charge, you can travel up to 12 miles with a maximum speed of 10 mph. It does these while supporting a load of 231 lbs.

The maximum load is low considering its wheels. Some hoverboards on this list with even 6.5-inch tyres can carry 265 lbs. I expected Jetson V8 to do better than this on the weight it can carry.

Nevertheless, 231 lbs is still a lot and only few adults have bigger weights than this. It has 3 speed modes. Jetson V8 also has a Bluetooth app which allows you to view your route history, check your battery life and change riding modes. With its Bluetooth speaker, you can also enjoy your favorite songs as you go on a ride.

Jetson V8 costs $499.99 which is the highest on this list.


I’m sure that you have learned so much in this “hoverboard low price comparison” article. Buying a hoverboard today is about enjoying a ride to places close to your house. You can take a ride on your hoverboard to your friend’s place which is some blocks away from your place.

But you don’t have to empty your pockets to buy one. Looking up on this list, there are many efficient hoverboards that achieve most of the things you want and also come at a low cost.

Whatever you want in your hoverboard, whether great design, or great performance, or a flashy device, go through this list, and you will find one hoverboard that suits your taste. And at a low price.

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