Hoverboard Without Wheels: Top 7 Hovering Gadgets

The top 7 hoverboards without wheels are:

1. Hendo Hoverboard
2. Mars auto levitating speaker
3. ArcaBoard Hoverboard
4. Max Speed Hoverzon S
5. The Lexus Hoverboard
6. Omni Hoverboard
7. Drifting Board Electric Scooter

Hoverboards come in difference styles. When people are looking for a hoverboard without wheels, what they’re really interested in is an Electric Skateboard. Or, they might be referring to a Self-balancing Scooter.

How does an actual hoverboard look like? Before you get your wallet out make sure that you are going to buy a real hoverboard.

Components of a Hoverboard

An actual hoverboard bears no wheels; instead, it hovers above the surface of the earth. It’s now science more than the science fiction.

Two-wheeled self-balancing “hoverboard” was one of the hottest gifts in 2015. But soon after their presentation, the bad news was on the air.

They proved vulnerable to catching fire, users’ falling back on their butts and even exploding batteries.

The problem is that people keep calling them as hoverboards and they actually are not. They are two-wheeled self-balancing scooters.

Hoverboard hovers and it doesn’t make any physical contact with the ground.

So, two-wheeled self-balancing Segways are not actual hoverboards. We can see their wheels touching the ground.

However, the wait is over. Two companies have introduced actual hoverboard. Lexus and Arcaboard have made a dream come true.

How does it work?

There are two technological concepts that are used in making a hoverboard without wheels.

Arcaboard uses 36 powerful fans that rotate at speed of 45,000 revolutions per minute. It has a built-in stabilizing mechanism.

Fans rotate at very high speed blasting down air against the gravity of earth. This, in turn, gets it off from the ground.

Arcaboard has two models. One is for lighter users that can carry the weight of up to 170 lb. And the other is for heavier ones with the lifting capacity of 250 lb.

This hoverboard looks like a mattress.

However, joy lasts only for six minutes and then it runs out of charging. It can take you to the distance of 1.2 miles when it is fully charged.

You can order an Arcaboard right now for $19,900, but don’t forget to buy its default charger. Its defaults charger costs $4,500.

Default docking station makes Arcaboard fully charged in 35 minutes instead of six hours with ordinary charger.

The other levitating toy is Lexus hoverboard. Lexus relies on the superconductors and the magnets. They both repel the force of gravity to lift an object, above the ground.

If it is too technical to understand just imagine the maglev train which also relies on the same principles. The train also has superconductor and magnet combination.

You may have noticed fumes rising from the sides of Lexus hoverboards. Apart from the effects, it is liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen keeps cooling the superconductor below their transition temperature-the temp at which it becomes a superconductor.

Liquid nitrogen cools down the superconductors as below as -320 Fahrenheit.

When the liquid nitrogen getaway, superconductors get warm and hoverboard stops hovering. Then, you need to top it off again.

Well, you can control both hoverboards with the help of a smartphone and if you are brave enough then simply by tilting your body.


Top seven hovering gadgets

Mars auto levitating speaker

This auto levitating Bluetooth speaker comes in two separate parts. One is base and the other is levitating speaker. It’s a UFO shaped speaker.

The speaker levitates on the base elegantly and lands gently on the base when it runs out of charging.

It use a wireless charging mechanism and builds a stereo sound system when joined with the base making 360 degrees sound projection.

It also has a microphone technology for having a better call experience and USB ports to recharge your phone during long calls.

It comes with the IPX7 rating and its app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Levitating mouse

A Russian designer is currently developing this new-age computer input device.

This levitating mouse though stands yet as a concept but the designer has a good reputation for bringing ideas to life.

Alongside lowering pressure on your wrist, this mouse would be a good looking device.

Flyte hovering bulb

Hovering has become a growing trend in electronics. Flyte LED bulb floats in the midair, thanks to the magnetic push.

The bulb is made of glass and you can see the wire-circuit structure that is integrated inside the bulb.

There is a magnet attached at the lower end of the bulb. On the other hand, there is a magnet attached to the lower base as well.

Both magnets repel each other and thus the bulb hovers in the midair. Induction is used to supply current from the base to the hovering bulb.

You can  power on/off, this hi-tech bulb, by just touching its base. Its LED lasts for 50,000 hours; probably you never have to change the bulb.

Hovering lamps

A Dutch company developed a table lamp using levitating technology in domestic goods.

CreaLev is a Dutch company that has developed two line of hovering table lamps. Lamps were presented in a Dutch design week.

CreaLev doesn’t give details of the mechanism and technology used in levitating lamps. However, it’s likely based on the magnates.

Hovering earth globe

We do all love to have an earth globe in our office. Probably you already have one.

However, that traditional globe doesn’t allow you to spin it freely in all directions.

Mr. earth is a fantastic idea that comes with anti-gravity floating mechanism. It allows you to spin it in any direction.

An amazing feature is its LED light that makes it look very cool when turned on in dark.

This hovering earth globe can be a wonderful gift or an exotic addition to your office.

Hovering platform

Experience the fantasy of levitation with Lavitron platform by EZ float technology.

This magical device comes with a hovering disc that can hold a weight of 13 oz in mid-air. It has two parts; a base and a hovering disc.

Lavitron is eye-catching in all celebrations and parties as it can hold any photo, jewelry or any collectible in midair.

Lavitron also works on basic magnetic push and pull rule. The base and hovering disc have a powerful built-in magnet.

Both magnets repel each other and thus the object placed on hovering disc seems to be floating in the air.

To grab a Lavitron and locating at some noticeable place in the house would be a great idea.

Hovering chargers

“Lift” is a levitating charging device that charges smartwatches. This device also comes with a lamp that turns on when placed over the device.

It is very easy to use. You just need to place your smartwatch on the device. The watch will float in midair about an inch above the base.

The “Lift” provides an efficient way of charging alongside the addition of an interesting design to your home.