How Fast Do Hover Shoes Go? (Important Facts)

hover shoes
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A few years back the hoverboards become popular as a mode of independent transportation. But you have to keep your feet glued on the board all the time. Because of this reason, a new version of ‘hover shoes ’ came into the picture. Here you just need to mount each foot on a flat platform that is battery powered.

There is a large roller by which you can run, control your speed as required. These are self-propelled devices that have ditched all the cumbersome hardware. Hover shoes are electric shoes that enable you to roll around in style.

These are fast and long-distance riding shoes that can reach up the cruising distances of 12 km with top speeds of 15km/hr. These self-balancing shoes can make it easy to get anywhere quickly with enough battery life to spare.

Important features to look at while buying hover shoes:

1. Battery power: The hover shoes uses a lithium ion battery that gets fully charged within 2-4 hours. They can give a backup up to 6 to 12 miles of range.

2. Grip: Grip is certainly a factor that you should not avoid while skating. Once mounted on the hover shoes you should make sure that you stay there confidently to enjoy long runs. The electric mounted wheels straps in. Thus eradicating the chance to get slipped off while riding.

3. Speed: Most of the hover shoes have a remarkably top speed ranging from 6 to 12 mph as per the shoe model. It is always recommended to choose hover shoes that have lower speeds for young kids to avoid accidents. These high-end skating shoes are mainly for young adults or adolescents.

4. Lights: Not all the skaters are worried about the lights in the hover shoes as it hardly matters in terms of performance. But the LED lights used at the outlines give a cool look to your shoes. It makes it attractive. Example- Segway Drift Hover shoes.

5. Range: The range shows variation for various models. Most of the hover shoes fall into the range of 6 mph to 12 mph. Some offer a run time of 30 to 45 minutes in full-charge condition.

6. Waterproofing:Certain level of waterproofing is desirable in the case of hover shoes as there are possibilities where you might get caught in rain. Most of the hover shoes are marked with IP54 or IP65.

7. Material: The hover shoes are designed considering to handle the full weight of an adult riding on them. The limits are defined depending upon the materials used while manufacturing the hove shoe. In general, they should carry 170  to 280 pounds.

Check out the list of hover shoes along with their running capabilities.

The Best Hover Shoe- Segway Drift W1 Hover Shoes:

The Segway Drift W1 Hover shoe is powerful and sleek with high speeds of 12 miles per hour. The shoes weigh about 220 pounds. These are good to go with the non-slippery platform over which it stands.

Features include:

1. They can go along up to 45 minutes with a fully charged battery.

2. They can go along you at a high speed of 12 mph.

3. There are three modes with LED Lighting that can be customized.

4. The frame of the shoe is made of magnesium alloy.

5. The shoes provide one foot as well as two-foot capability.

6. The waterproof rating of the Segway Drift W1 is IP54.

7. You can go fast and high with a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds.

8. The attached taillights help to hover even in low light conditions.

9. While steering up the wheels, the rubber grip on each of the wheels gives firmness and stability.

10. They have a built-in carry handle making it easy for transportation purposes.

Segway Drift W1 Hover shoes perfectly mix the feature of roller skates and a self-balancing scooter. They consist of RGB LEDs. The recommended age to use shoes is 6 years and above.

Thus made of kids as well as for adults. These shoes are not needed to attach to your shoes.

The technology used here (Self-balancing) assist to run smoothly without giving much effort.

The spindles are designed as treads and have a high powered motor circuit. It’s really fun to gain experience with these shoes on wooden floors or tiled surfaces due to the smoothness factor.

The impressive – Koowheel hover Shoes:

You can rock and roll around 6 miles at one go in a fully charged condition. The highest speed is 7.5 mph. The impressive shoe with recreational technology uses a lithium-ion battery.

The most powered battery is featured with 250 wattage which proves their zipping along with nature for about 10-12 miles per hour for a flat surface.

It has a tough grip with faux rubber and no-skid characteristics. It can hover along in wet conditions also that marks a big advantage. Thus it holds a big ‘YES’ for skating on the surfaces covered with ice.

Features include:

1. The weight of each shoe is 7 pounds.

2. The maximum range that can be covered is 6 miles.

3. Consists of 250 watts brushless motor.

4. A total of 286 pounds that states its capacity.

5. It takes about 3 hours to get fully charged from zero charge condition.

6. The shoe has non-slip textured footplates that make movement easy.

The Koowheel X1 hovering shoes are absolutely nimble. After gaining the confidence to hang on them you can experience almost every adventure except jumping as they are not at all strapped onto your foot. The shoe helps to make effortless movements like forward or backward.

The shoes are built up with self-balancing technology that helps to roam and skate all around with fun. Not only the adults but also the kids can take over the control of these smart vehicles very easily within a couple of minutes.

One of the special features of the Koowheel shoe is that it can manage skating even at slopes with them at 9 degrees of inclination. As Passed by the UL2272 standards these shoes are safe from fire as well as electricity.

What customers say about these hover shoes?

Initially, the customers were not looking confident about the product however after observing their children doing pretty well and gaining confidence within moments, they stamped the product as the best for personal indoor transportation purposes.

According to many customers, these electric hover shoes differ from others in the market because they can start moving quickly with the product without being connected using any Bluetooth device.

Turbo Jetts Hover Shoes:

The list of best hover shoes comes to an end with the ‘Turbo Jett Electric Heel Wheel’ introduced by Razor. The hove shoe occupies a diameter of 3.5 inches having 250 watts of engine output. The unit is powered by the button on the side. The hove shoe has a pad called a pressure sensor for detecting the presence of your foot.

Features include:

1. Cheaper than other hover shoes with self-balancing features.

2. If ride on flat surfaces they can cover the range up to 10 miles per hour.

3. There are LED lights that are built in to set a cool look.

4. The hove shoe supports a continuous use of 30 minutes.

5. The shoe is powered by a 12-volt lithium battery that is bound to give you an electrifying ride.

6. It supports the riders up to 176 pounds.


You must have heard the most common criticism of the hoverboards- the previous version of the hover shoes that they have a limitation in terms of maneuverability.

This has been successfully conquered with the discovery of hover shoes. It all alone combines the advantages of skateboards, hoverboard as well as roller skates.

These self-balancing roller blades are made for kids and young adults which can fill life with joyful experiences of rolling.

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