How Long Is A Hoverboard? (Hoverboard Sizes 2021)

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Hoverboards are the latest craze in self–transportation. Some people call it the self-balancing electric scooter and others will term it as a Segway board.

For simplicity, refer to it as a hoverboard. It is a two-wheel transportation device that you stand on and move.

It is electric and relies on rechargeable batteries. Besides that, it comes in some major sizes:

  • 4.5inch wheel
  • 6.5inch inch wheels
  • 7Iinch wheel
  • 10-inch wheels.

Hoverboard Sizes Guide (An Overview)

There are so many sizes, how do I know what is good to buy for my son, daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister or a friend? If that is what’s bothering you, then I have got you covered.

Since hoverboards have gained such popularity, the wheel size has become a major deciding part, when purchasing a hoverboard. Each size offers distinct benefits when it comes to the needs of the rider.

Most standard hoverboards in the market today are the 6.5” wheel with three other variations such as 4.5”,8” and 10” wheel that also became popular due to growing needs to accommodate all age groups. Below is an explanation of each wheel size in detail and limitations of each wheel size.

The rest of the construction design is almost the same, except for the differences caused by the different wheel sizes.

Major differences in wheel sizes

4.5-inch wheel size

4.5” Wheel is designed for young riders aged from 5-10 years old, however, the most important factor is the weight of the rider. 4.5” wheel is good for young riders with a weight range from 10 kg to 60 kg, that is 30 pounds to 135 pounds. Since this version is smaller than the standard version of the 6.5 inch wheel, it is designed to go half the speed.

4.5-inch hoverboard

The standard speed for 6.5” wheel is 10km hour, while the 4.5 goes 5km/hour, for safety reasons. This hoverboard is ideal for young riders for the following main reasons.

  • Smaller in size with lower pad height which makes it easier for kids to learn.
  • Kids can enjoy anywhere from 1hr to 3hrs of continuous riding on one charge.
  • It is easier to carry for kids as it only weighs half the weight which is 5.5 kg compared to the standard 6.5”
  • The tire is solid rubber, so there is no need to worry about punctures or a flat tire.
  • Low motor power of 300w on each side is also ideal for kids in this age group.

6.5-inch wheel size

The small size ranges from 6.5 inches to 6.7-inch which is not very noticeable to the naked eye.

The weights of the small-sized hoverboards available in the market range from 25 lbs to 30 lbs.

Their maximum speed is between 12 mph and 18 mph. They will take about 1 to 2 hours to charge, and upon charging, they can go for 10 to 12 miles on some models and 11 to 16 miles on other models.

6.5 inches self-balancing scooter

These small-sized hoverboards come in all colors either plain or multicolored.

These small models support 220lbs and they will, therefore, be suitable for anyone below this weight. The highest weight supported by some small hoverboards model is 265lbs.

This size is the best of both genders. It is lightweight and supports the common weight range. However, it is only good for indoor use.

The small size of the hoverboard is very good for using indoors. It is lightweight enough and does not scratch wooden or tiled floors. You may also ride it on asphalt surfaces and hardwood floors without any problem.

You may also ride on grass but the surface has to be hard enough and the grass must be cut low; otherwise, you risk being stuck because of the low ground clearance on the hoverboard.

6.5” is the most common and has become a standard wheel size of all hoverboards. It was used in the first hoverboard a few years ago. 6.5” inch motor is typically 250w to 350w and wheel has a solid rubber base without a tube; so the ride is the worry-free meaning, you do not have to worry about punctures. The battery capacity is generally 4.4AH which is good for 2-4 hours of riding in general or 15km range. The riding time is mainly dependent on the rider weight and riding style. Aggressive riding or harsh stopping drains more battery and will lead to less riding time.

The pad base is designed to be attached at the center axle which makes it very stable and easy to step on and step off, because of its lower clearance, it is ideal for smooth surfaces. It can also be ridden in malls or in or around the house.

It can be used on sidewalks and asphalt surfaces however; the problem is a small wheelbase and solid wheel tire. They pose a challenge for the rider to adjust to vibrations from the rough terrain, as well as the expansion gaps and bumps on the sidewalks.

It is recommended for ages 8 years and older, with a minimum weight of 30kgs and 100kgs which is 65 pounds to 220pounds, which makes it a fun ride for the whole family. After training thousands of riders and learning from their experiences, we learned that a rider with a lower weight is okay with 6.5” wheel on an indoor flat surface or outdoor sidewalks. However, as the weight increases, it is difficult to ride a 6.5” wheel for a long time due to its hard tires and smaller wheelbase.


These boards are best for indoor use as they can maneuver well in small spaces that have limited obstacles or even surfaces.


  • Because of the size of the wheels, you are limited to smooth, flat surfaces.
  • The lower you are on the weight scale the better the ride on this size wheels will be.
  • Low ground clearance of this hoverboard means you can get stuck in the grassy areas or damage the base in uneven terrain.

7-8 inches wheels

The second most popular model is the 7 inches to 8 inches category of hoverboards. Their weight ranges from 22lbs to 26lbs. Similar to the small wheel models, they have a maximum speed that ranges around 12mph. However, some models can reach a maximum speed of 15mph.

They often take longer to charge but some models will match the small wheel sized hoverboards in their charging time. The typical charging time is 2-3hours. These models also go for about 12 miles and the better ones get to 15miles on a single charge.

This model will suit the person seeking outdoor use. One can pick the appropriate model for the distance required and the weight that can be tolerated. It is the choice for heavier persons.

7-inch wheel hoverboard

They also have the same motor power and battery capacity as the 6.5” wheel and allows the rider to go a little faster due to slightly large wheels. However, the difference might not be significant enough to notice the slight difference in speed.

The 8” solid wheel rubber tire is perfect for some riders with growing needs. If you are in the age group of 10 to 14 or older this would be a step up from the 6.5” due to a little extra foot base, more clearance, and higher pad level form the ground.


  • Ideal for outdoor use on soft surfaces and uneven areas.
  • Works well on hard surfaces and rough pavement.
  • The best for grass and sand.
  • The heaviest weight rating.
  • Have a wider footpad and are a lot more comfortable.
  • Have a slight increase in speed compared to the 6.5” hoverboard due to the larger wheels.


  • These hoverboards are heavier and bulkier than their 6-inch counterparts.
  • The 8-inch hummer style
  • The 8.5-inch hummer models have extra-wide wheels that are advertised as off-road hoverboards. The wider wheels are great for going over soft surfaces such as grass and sand. The extra-wide tires provide great flotation on soft surfaces.
  • This size is great for outdoor use and accommodates persons who are a bit heavier as they have a different frame which is stronger.

10-inch wheels

So far, we have talked about 4.5”, 6.5” and 8” with solid wheels. The 10” is a huge step up from the other three sizes.

The 10” wheel offers a different experience due to its tube tire. 10” models have become very popular for the reason with young riders and adults.

UL 2272 certified hoverboard

The 10” offers an amazingly smooth ride on all terrains such as but not limited to grass, sidewalks indoors, tracks and even country roads.

It is preferred by people that wish to ride for a longer time or short distance commutes. It is also suitable for long distances in some cases due to faster speed.

The minimum weight range for the 10” is the same as the 6.5” and 8” at 30kg or 65 pounds however the 10” max weight can go up to 110kg or 240 pounds.

It is best suited for preteens and older or for riders that need a personal mobility device to go around in.

The tube tires are easy to replace but the rider will have to maintain the tire pressure frequently to the rider’s weight.

Motor wattage and battery capacity are the same as the 6.5”’s and 8” models, 250w-350w/ motor and 4.4 ah battery respectively.

However, the larger tires will travel more distance than smaller and it has been tested to go 20km on one charge with an average adult.

These models are not very common mainly because of their bulk size They weigh similar to most 8inch models at about 26lbs but it is common to find others weighing 30lbs. They are the strongest and can support a minimum weight of 265lbs.

The 10inch variation comes with inflatable tires. It is better for going over the grass and when riding on gravel surfaces. Different riding modes will offset the differences in the bigger wheels. You can find a quiet mode of riding that is slower but offers better handling.

Alternatively, you can go with a hard mode that provides less comfort and delivers great take-off speed. As you become experienced or a hoverboard pro, you will pick on the hard mode often while the soft mode will be suitable for beginners still working on their balance and timing on when to get on and off the large 10inch hoverboard.

These big-sized wheeled hoverboards will be good for use on grass and other uneven surfaces. The support weight should not be a major consideration for their purchase as they are not different from the other models.


  • Ideal for outdoor use and in uneven areas. You can enjoy a smooth ride on different types of terrains.
  • Hoverboards with 10inch wheels have tube tires which are easy to replace.


  • They are heavier than the other wheel sizes and this weight means these self-balancing scooters are much harder to carry.
  • You must maintain the tire pressure more frequently with the weight of the rider.

Using a hoverboard (Safety tips)

  • Wear protecting clothing, this includes a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist braces.
  • Wear flat shoes that fit.
  • Take caution when going through doorways, depending on the height of the hoverboard.
  • Tie your shoelaces and ensure that they or other clothing cannot get caught into the wheels.
  • Always keep your feet on the pedals when riding.
  • Always ride on a flat smooth surface, for example, the pavement or smooth roads.
  • Maintain a safe speed, that you can stop with ease.
  • Keep a safe distance when riding near others.


The small 6.5-inch and 6.7-inch hoverboards are the bestselling ones because of their price and ease of use.

Besides, many people are picking hoverboards for indoor and paved area use.

If you want speed and you will be using the hoverboard indoors then go for the 6.5-inch version. The larger wheel versions are for experienced people and outdoor users.


The noticeable difference in wheel sizes is on the ground clearance of the hoverboard.

The big wheels raise the board so that there is enough room to move over obstacles and there is less bruising of the body of the hoverboard.

The small wheel makes the board rest closer to the ground and lowers its center of gravity which gives the user additional stability.

Thus, the small wheel size is ideal for beginners while experienced riders should consider the big wheel size.

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