How Much Are Hover Skates? (Average Costs 2021)

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Hover skates are fun to ride. These are individual skates which makes it easy to maneuver in crowded areas.

They are almost half the weight of a hoverboard. this lightweight device seems portable and easy to move.

Young kids can enjoy hovering with these skates and can experience great fun.

While shopping for the right hover skate, one of the important factors to consider is the price. That is why you must be asking yourself “How much are hover skates?” or “What is the correct price of hover skates that suits my requirements?”

You should opt for a solid and safe hover skate whose price range lies in the table of $100 to $700. We have researched well on this and found a suitable range that lies between $300 to $600.

With the above-mentioned price range, you can advantage robust battery life with less charging time, long-range as well as maximum top speed. Nowadays, hoverboards and hover shoes have become so popular with wide variations that show remarkable safety standards and distance coverage.

You must consider the following basic features while stepping ahead for a Hover Skateboard:

1. Powerful Motor

2. Large-capacity Battery

3. Long-Range Coverage

Segway Ninebot DriftW1 Hover shoes

Segway is trying to introduce self-balancing rollers shoes. The technology of self-balancing helps the young riders to hover safely with confidence.

The silicon bumpers are introduced to avoid accidents on the road.

Bumpers also provide a strong grip which makes it easy to glide over.

The high-powered hub motor treaded wheels provide dual protection while running on the floor. Ambient and tail lights are an attractive feature that makes the pair of shoes cool.

Important Features:

1. Battery Range: The hover shoe has a battery range of 45 minutes. This gives a scope of a good ride.

2. Speed: The product is bound to give a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

3. LED Lights: Embedded LED lights to enhance the look. These lights are helpful while on the road as it helps to avoid bumps in the dark.

4. Waterproof: It has got a waterproof rating of IPX6.

5. Portability: The device is very portable as it is lightweight and easy to carry for transportation.


The pricing and the availability of the product keep updating from time to time.The company has just released the price. The whacky Segway Ninebot drift W1 roller shoes will cost $350 to $399 depending on retailers.

To get more idea about the pricing and availability of the Segway Ninebot Drift W1, check the below link.

Swagtron T1 Hover Board:

The product is designed wisely in terms of safety as a top priority.

The Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is affordable and was developed by the same company as Segway Drift W1. The board is UL2272 certified and has a stable ride-ability.

Important Features:

1. Sentry-shield chamber:

The product has an improved safety enhancement as it utilizes the sentry-shield chamber. This chamber is made of aluminum material with an air-tight battery installed. 

2. Training Modes:

The learning mode of the T1 model enables beginners to get familiar with the device and to learn the basics. This feature proves brilliant for young learners.

3. Stop Technology:

There is a specific feature of the device that starts giving a beep sound when the battery of the device goes low or depleted.

This causes the hoverboard to reduce the travel speed automatically. Because of this, the dangerously sudden stop can be avoided to ensure safe stoppage.

4. Maximum weight:

The hoverboard has a weight limit that ranges from 44 lbs. to 220 lbs.

5. Full charge:

The battery takes about one hour to get fully charged.


Swagtron T1 Hover Board: These flat terrain hoverboards are available at a starting price of $249.99. Despite the higher price, it does not own the feature of the Bluetooth speakers.

But it has other robust features that make a buy worth it. The customers gained a lot of confidence after using the product and it is one of the best-recommended products online.

Segway Mini Pro Hoverboard:

The Segway Mini Pro Hover Board comes with a knee control bar. It has proved to be the next big discovery with two-wheeled scooters that are self-balanced.

It is designed with a technology called “state-of-the-art”. There are onboard sensors that are precisely embedded.

Important Features:

1. Knee control bar:

The mini model is different from the other hoverboards as it has a knee controlling bar in it. You can comfortably steer the hoverboard by using the left and right kneebar.

2. Rubber mats:

The Segway mini model consists of two shock-absorbing mats that are rubber grip. There is a power button along with a mini screen which indicates the battery life of the board.

3. Accompanying app:

The model has an advantage that involves the usage of an app by which you can control basic functionalities.

4. Anti-theft Mode:

Enabling this anti-theft mode will raise up an alarm on the board as well as on the phone. Any movement in this state will cause the alarm to sound and vibrate.

5. Top speed:

The device is made to give a speed of 10 miles per hour and can show an inclination of 15 degrees.


The starting range is $315 as introduced by the Segway company. The riders with a medium budget can go for this model. The unit is suitable for young kids as well as for adults.

As compared to the other Segway products, it makes the ride effortless with more safety measures. It helps to avoid mishaps. The device is electric and heat resistant. It is tested and certified by UL2272.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0:

It is the upgraded version of the first model of razor that lacks a few of the important features.

The product covers a great range of 15 miles.

Important features:

1. On the spot battery change:

You can interchange the batteries on the spot which separates this model apart from others. In case of low battery, simply take a spare battery from your backpack and put it into the hoverboard.

2.Remains upright:

The Hovertrax 2.0 uses the Ever Balance technology that says that even if you are not mounted on the device, it will remain upright. This minimizes the risk of falling while riding.

3. Maximum weight holding capacity:

The hoverboard has the capacity to support a weight of 220 lbs.

4. Training modes:

The board has two modes of riding. One mode is for riding normally while the second one is the training mode.


One unit of the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 would cost around $299.99. The world’s smartest self-balancing and the electric scooter has a cruising speed of 8 plus miles per hour.

This model is affordable with unique features that give the best riding experience.

Halo Rover X Hover Board:

The best ever Off-road Hover Board.

This hoverboard is a powerful off-road model. With the app features, you can personalize your unit. You can also take the advantage of riding on terrains and rough surfaces.


1. Big Rugged Wheels: You can find the graveled way easy to glide with the help of big wheels in all-terrain and harsh conditions.

2. Water-resistance: The unit is built with a water resistance rating of IPX4.

3. Bluetooth speakers: You can stream music with the help of Bluetooth speakers while hovering around terrains.

4. Firesafe Battery:It is equipped with UL2271 certified LG batteries for a seamless ride.


One pair of Halo Rover Hover Board would cost you $497. This unit is good to go with the young kids as well as for the adults.

Even after paying high, you can feel satisfied with the product as it has the above-mentioned features.


Are you planning to buy quality hover skates at a good price?

Usually, the price of hover skates starts at an entry-level of $200.

Depending upon the variations of the hover skates which is shown above in terms of the features, you can easily make your choice for what to go with.

Hope this post will help you to plump up your riding experience with the best hover skates.

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