How Much Does A Motorized Scooter Cost? (Average Cost)

motorized scooter
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There are various brands of motorized scooter in the market. These brands are designed with different features.

Mostly,the cost of a motorized scooter is based on the brand and the features built into it. So, the variation in the price solely depends on the brand.

How much does a motorized scooter cost? 

The cost of a motorized scooter ranges from $100 – $1,000. This cost covers almost all the motorized scooters you can find in the market.

The above cost range is caught across both for kids and adult motorized scooters you can find both on the internet and in the market. Invariably, when looking for the exact cost of a motorized scooter, you have to know the brand and the model. 

In this article, you’ll discover various factors that determine how much a motorized scooter costs and the cost variation among brands.

Motorized Scooter Cost Variation

The cost of motorized scooters are different from each model and types of scooter. The cost of an adult scooter is quite different from the cost of kids. 

The specs that are built into adult scooters are different from the specs built into kids, therefore, adult scooters are more expensive. 

The adult scooters are different in price because of the specks as well. The type of function an electric scooter is built to do is what determines the price. 

Some scooters are light in weight, while some are designed to be heavy-duty weight scooters. 

The lightweight scooters are further divided into two: foldable feature and non foldable feature. The scooters that you can easily fold are quite different in price than the one without feature.

The heavy-duty scooters also are foldable while some are not. The cost-price of foldable heavy-duty scooter is higher than the cost-price of non-foldable features.

What determines the cost-price of an electric scooter is the type of features it designed with. Some scooters have higher speed than the others. Some have high functionable brake systems.

The materials used in building some are higher than the one used to construct others. These specs are what causes the high cost of some scooters than the others.

There are scooters designed to be used for commuting around the neighborhood, while there are those you can use for long distance drives. The one for long distance drives are more expensive than the ones you can only use within the neighbourhood.

Below is the price difference between the adults and kids scooters.

  • Motorized Scooters for Adults price ranges from $100 to $1,000 
  • Motorized Scooters for Kids cost price range from $130 to $350 
  • Motorized Scooters for Commuting for a long distance drive have cost price ranges from $190 to $400
  • Kids motorized scooters with seated features have cost price ranges from  $180 to $400.

What determines the amount you will pay to buy a specific Motorized scooter is the specs built into it and the types of motorized scooter you want to buy.

Generally, motorized scooters don’t have constant price. Depends on what you need the motorized scooter for is what determines how much it will cost in the market.

How much a motorized scooter costs mainly depends on the types of scooter you want to buy. 

An heavy duty motorized scooter with foldable features, high speed, with a longer battery, and a functionable battery system will definitely be more costlier than the ones without these features mentioned above.

When buying a motorized scooter, what guide the price you pay is the purpose of buying that determines the types of scooter you go for. You don’t just buy a motorized scooter without a clear purpose. Because it’s that purpose that will guide your motive when you want to buy a motorized scooter.

Motorised scooters cost price variations solely dependent on the type of motorized scooter you want and the specs it has. Likewise, the brand is another feature that determines the cost price as well.

Is Scooter Worth The Price?

Electric scooter is a simple means to commute around the neighborhood. It provides convenient means to transport yourself to work or school. 

Therefore, the price you pay to buy some brands of scooter worth it. The specs built into them are different from others. 

When you live in a crowded city and traffic worsens by the year, you’ll know the traditional way of commuting around town or going to work or school are no longer fast enough.

Then, you’ll recognize the fact that scooter doesn’t worth the price and embraced new ride-share models that reduce any carbon footprint, cut transportation costs, and cut down significantly on the time spent on the road

Electric scooters are worth the price because they provide solutions to some of the challenges commuters face in the past. Some of the challenges are waste of time as a result of traffic and high cost of transportation.

Apart from using a scooter for fun, it has ease the movement of commuters and is portable to carry around.  

Electric scooter is a cost-effective means of transportation. It helps you to cut off traffic and make you get to your destination on time.

Why Is There Cost Variation Among Brands Of Electric Scooters?

The cost variation among brands comes from the materials used in the production of the motorized scooter.

Some motorized scooters are sturdy and more durable than others. Because these study and durable motorized scooters are designed with high-quality materials. The cost of the materials place the scooter in high values.

Some have more usable features (speed, foldable, mobile usage app, etc.) than the others. These features contribute to the high cost. Features are the determinant factors manufacturers use to set price or cost among scooters. 

There are some motorized scooters that are built to be heavy-duty scooters. Some of the heavy-duty scooters aren’t built with foldable features. While there are some with foldable features. 

Some heavy-duty scooters with foldable features are costlier than the ones without foldable features.

The price various times is controlled by the brand and these few features stated here. The price or the cost you are ready to spend on a motorized scooter is determined by what need the scooters

How To Check If A Motorized Scooter Worth The Price

There is a motorized scooter for every budget. Irrespective of what you have you’ll get a scooter of such amount of money.

If the budget can’t afford the adult scooter, it will definitely buy a kids scooter. So, there is a scooter for everyone out there in the market in every price range.

The amount you budget to spend it will determine the type of scooter you will buy. However, every scooter is designed to be safe and with specsa that you can use to achieve the purpose it was designed for. 

When buying a motorized scooter, there are few questions you need to provide an answer for before you can readily or possibly get the exact scooter you want. 

These few question will guide you to buy the exact scooter of high-quality that’ll best serve the purpose you need it for:

The first question you need to provide an answer for is, how often will you use this vehicle? Are you buying it for pleasure or for both pleasure and commute to work or school? 

How often you’ll use it largely depends on the purpose why you need a motorized scooter. If you need it for going to work or school, that means you’ll need it almost every day especially during working hours.

What is your weight? Your weight will also play major role when you want to buy scooter. It will determine how much the scooter will cost you. 

You need a motorized electric scooter model that has a maximum weight capacity that will support your weight. Hence don’t just buy without being sure of the weight capacity.

Will you be driving your motorized scooter on hills? Then get a scooter that will be able to handle inclined hills. Take into consideration the motorized scooter cost per mile. 

Are you getting the scooter for your kid?  Because a kid’s scooter is quite different from the adult. When getting a scooter for your kid, go for the one that your child can use to have fun and exercise themselves.

How many people will be using the scooter? The number of persons that;ll be using the scooter will determine how sturdy the scooter will be. That tells you if you should go for a more sturdy and heavy duty scooter. 

Is the charging time acceptable? Consider the battery charging time first before you buy. Battery is the major part of a motorized scooter. Go for the one with a high quality battery.

Does it have safety features like disc brakes and a headlight? Safety is one of the major considerations you should think first when buying a motorized scooter. How safe and balancing is the scooter? Is the deck strong and wide enough to carry you through? 

These are a few questions you need answers for before you can buy any motorized scooter.

What about shock absorbance for the kind of road you want to travel on? The more shock absorbance it has the more balancing it will be on the road when driving it.

When you’re done providing answers to these questions, you need to check the state regulatory body for the laws guiding the use of motorized scooters where you live.

Let these factors or questions determine if the value is worth or exceed the money cost. The factors will guide you to buy a motorized scooter that is worth the price.


How much a motorised scooter costs depends on the brand and the features. The purpose of a motorized scooter is what determines the amount it will cost.

The cost of a motorized scooter is determined based on the specs and the brands. High quality scooter will be more expensive than a lower quality scooter.

The value of a motorized scooter is a function of the cost price. It is not fixed precisely nor does it have a constant price but the price varies based on the features. 

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