How To Reset Bluetooth Hoverboard (Step-by-Step)

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Hoverboards are simply self-balancing scooters that are designed for traveling short distances.

They are designed to enable you to reach short distances with ease, let’s say a ride to the shopping center, through the mall, across the street to your friends or hoverboard racing.

Some few years back, the trend was only for the affluent or the celebrities who flashed these gadgets on social media platforms.

Nowadays literally anyone can own a hoverboard, so long as you learn how to drive and maneuver them. Of the latest invention is the Bluetooth hoverboard that allows you to play music and remotely control your device.

Bluetooth Hoverboards

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A Bluetooth hoverboard resembles the common hoverboard; the only difference is it possesses a Bluetooth receiver module and speakers that allow you to play music.

The Bluetooth function turns on automatically when you turn on the device and remains discoverable until you connect to your phone.

Like all devices, it will malfunction after successive use or rough handling, and does not feel the same again. This can be a continuous red light, lack of balance, difficulty when turning or stopping.

A faulty hoverboard will have the fault red light on, shakes violently when riding, or getting off and might be difficult to make turns, or is super sensitive and make fast turns.

How to Reset a Bluetooth Hoverboard

Resetting a Bluetooth hoverboard is just a walk in the park, I mean it is not rocket science, everyone can do it, so long as they follow these simple manual steps.

The only problem with resetting a Bluetooth hoverboard is, you might fry the Bluetooth chip, regardless of whether you do it right or wrong.

  • Charge the hoverboard for about 2 – 3 hours or until it is fully charged.
  • Disconnect any Bluetooth devices or audio device that is connected to your hoverboard.
  • Ensure that the hoverboard is off. Use the on/off silver button on the sides of the hoverboard. Do not use the remote as it will only render the device into sleep mode. To ascertain that the device is completely off by turning it on and then off and wait until it beeps and the lights stop showing.
  • Place the hoverboard on a flat surface, ensure that the ground is parallel, the floor of your house can work or a countertop; if you don’t intend to bend over.
  • Align the two pads, check that the middle part aligns; this is seen when the two pads lock, parallel to each other.
  • Ensure that the device does no tilt on the surface, tilting the device while resetting might force you to repeat the process.
  • Press the power button for about 5-10 seconds, do this carefully to prevent moving the hoverboard or tilting it. The device Bluetooth function turns on and the speakers will notify you. Release the power button carefully
  • The device now factory resets itself, you will notice flashes on the Bluetooth and fore lights. Ensure that the device remains stationary until the reset process is complete.
  • Wait for about 10 seconds, keep the device still and press the power button once to shut it down.
  • The device is now ready for use, press the power button once to turn it on, it is now safe to drive, so long as it does not show any red lights or irregular beeping.

If the problem persists repeat the procedure once more or twice to be sure.

Some Bluetooth models are also equipped with a remotely controlled system, where you can reboot using an application installed on your phone.

  • Install the application on your phone.
  • Connect the hoverboard to the application by pressing the connect button on the top right to connect with the hoverboard.
  • Level the gadget or place it on flat ground.
  • On the app locate the calibrate the unit command on the application. Follow the instructions to the later, otherwise, you may end up frying the Bluetooth chip, remember this can happen irrespective of whether you do it correctly or not.
  • On the hoverboard press the on/off button to start the self-balancing scooter.

If the problem persists your hoverboard might be having mechanical problems or you need to repeat the process twice.

Testing your device

Once the process is complete, you can reset your device.

  • Press the silver button on your hoverboard, normally.
  • If there are no red lights, or any sound and the hoverboard balances, place the hoverboard on a flat surface and get ready to test drive.
  • Wear protective clothing like a helmet.
  • Step on your gadget normally, one foot first and the other one quickly.
  • Make slow tests on the hoverboard like forwarding move, reverse, right and left turns.

If your device works well you are good to go, but if it doesn’t work as expected, you can check for a mechanical problem.

Resetting using a remote

Using a remote to control the hoverboard does more harm than good. Most of the hoverboard users are young, or might not remember to turn off the hoverboard completely after pressing the on/off button on the remote.

The remote on/off button merely renders the device into sleep mode and does not completely shut down the hoverboard.

This might drain the battery or make the hoverboard to malfunction, due to being on standby for long. This might require regular calibration, especially where it has been left for long unattended.

It is however impossible to calibrate the hoverboard using the remote, you have to follow the manual process or use the application method for Bluetooth hoverboards.

Hoverboard won’t calibrate

If your hoverboard does not reset, or it continues to show that red light despite it being fully charged and following the resetting guidelines, you need to diagnose the source of the problem which might be mechanical. If the LED light is stuck on, a gyroscope replacement is a cure.

For mechanical problems your warranty can take care of that, most companies offer that except for damages incurred during the use like, let’s say you break a limb, get a broken nose or fractured skull. of course, you need to wear a helmet and other gear.

If your device has surpassed the warranty period, there are repair shops around the city or you can do it the old school way. Grab your toolbox and let’s get to the root cause.

Fixing a hoverboard that got wet

If your hoverboard ran into the water accidentally like you were riding it and it rained heavily, you know it is trouble.

For that, you should switch off the board, remove the motherboard and the battery. If either of includes is soaked, you should put the smart balance wheel in a bowl filled with raw rice.

Yes, the rice trick is not only for wet smartphones. You should also gently clean the other parts of the board with a tissue or soft cloth.

Let all the self-balancing scooter dry completely and assemble it again. If this works, you are lucky. If it does not work then you may need to replace some parts by buying them.

How a hoverboard works

Mechanical problems require a brief study of how a hoverboard works.

A hoverboard works based on the 9-axis sensor that includes a gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer, all these make the self-balancing scooter balance.


It measures angular change caused by a mass shift in the gyro, there is one on each wheel.

There are of two types, a mechanical and an electrical gyroscope, the former has concentric metal rims with a centralized rotor while the latter uses the Coriolis effect; when in motion a mass with a particular velocity and whose angular velocity is exerted on a perpendicular axis to the motion, it causes a mass displacement that is perpendicular.

This displacement causes a capacitance change and thus voltage resulting in a quantifiable value that is equal to the angular rate.


It uses the halls effect principle, it measures the magnetic field about the earth’s magnetic field.


It measures the x, y, z coordinates, 3 dimensions using variable capacitance. The capacitors are very sensitive to change, there are three capacitors each for every dimension where one of it is set to vary in position while the other is kept constant.

A change in distance between the plates in the capacitors results in a change in voltage that gives a quantifiable value.

Components of a hoverboard

A hoverboard consists of the following parts:

  1. A battery, it provides power that runs the motors, the battery comes installed in the device and is rechargeable. Most hoverboards have rechargeable 36v 4400mAH batteries that can be replaced when worn out. Ensure that you charge the unit to full before a long ride, for a longer battery life shut the unit down when it starts to beep because of low charge and store it in full charge and make re-charges to cover for standby power loss, to avoid completely draining it. We suggest that you contact the seller or look at the product description to see that you are using an original charger. You should also see to it that the hoverboard is charging in a room with an ideal temperature.
  2. Logic board, it is the central processing unit of the hoverboard. Its main component is a microprocessor that sends and receives data from all the sensors, it then processes it and sends it to the motors, for motion and stopping.

The logic board also manages the battery power and notify you when the unit is too hot to avoid explosions.

  • Silver power switch, turn the device on or off, always use the button to completely shut down the device for overnight or long-time storage. 
  • Two, speed sensors, they sense the speed and ensure the two wheels move at the same speed, when in motion.
  • Two gyroscopes, it measures angular change caused by a mass shift in the gyro, there is one on each wheel.
  • Two motors, they rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise with the rider’s position from the information provided by the logic board. 
  • Two wheels, they move the device, either forward or reverse.
  • A-frame, strong steel frame, supports and hold the hoverboard components, it should be strong enough to hold the riders’ body weight.
  • Charging port, for charging the device, indicates a green color when charging on the LED light.

How it works

There is a gyroscope, and a tilt and speed sensor on each wheel, which are placed under the flame where the footrests. When the hoverboard is on and a rider mounts it, the gyroscope provides angular data with the riders’ position either forward or backward, this data is sent to the logic board. When the rider stands straight, the IR sensor located under the foot sends data to the logic board to stop and pause the motor, therefore moving or stopping the self-balancing scooters appropriately.

When the rider tilts either forward or backward, angular momentum is read by the gyroscope and is transmitted to the logic board that moves the hoverboard in the respective direction, as a result of the rotor moving the wheels from the data.

The two gyroscopes on each wheel make them move independent of each other, for easier turning.

To turn right move the left leg forward, which will move only the right wheel, while the left remains static and thus a left turn.

For a right turn, move the left foot forward, which will similarly move the left wheel making the right turn. To circle move any leg at a go, this is for experts who can balance without effort.

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Your device will most probably work after performing the above procedures, in cases where it fails, you may want to consider checking for mechanical problems.

If the reset procedure does not work, consider opening the back-cover check for loose cables, or disconnect and reconnect the cables again and repeat the calibration.

If it does not work completely, you might reconsider replacing some parts that don’t function, for example, the gyroscopes and sensors. It is also important to check the product user manual for your hoverboard calibration.

If you have limited mechanical skills, take the device to a technician, who will pinpoint the problem and repair the device accordingly.

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