How To Switch Modes On Hoverboard? (Complete Guide)

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The hoverboard is built with one of the best technologies in modern times. So you’re not limited in any way at all. You can do a lot with it.

Especially if it’s TOMOLOO hoverboard or FLYING-AIR model, they allow you to enjoy the adventure, not just the ride.

Do you want to know how to switch modes on Hoverboard?

The best way to switch between modes is by toggling the switch that appears right in the middle of the hoverboard. This will switch to a different mode instantly.

A hoverboard is a famous self-balancing scooter that has two wheels that have been used for the past many years.

It’s considered as an exciting gift that can be given when there is a holiday season and is popular among adults and kids both.

It’s easy to use and there is no manual motion like skateboards that is why people love to use it. 

FLYING-ANT Hoverboard With LED Flash Lights

  • Stylish design
  • Built-in wireless speaker
  • Perfect gift for kids/adults
  • It’s safe (UL 2722 certified)
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The hoverboard is also known as hoverboard Segway that is used to analyze the direction that helps the rider leans, and that helps the electric motor to spin the wheels in the same direction.

The weights are shifted in the direction where you want to move.

The hoverboard can be helpful to easily commute to work or just can be used as a fun game anywhere you like.

You need to take extra protection while riding these types of gadgets. 

Benefits of owning an electric scooter:

The electric scooter has become famous these days in the automobile industry.

It’s beneficial to use an electric scooter and are conservative gas guzzlers for the people.

You may find many benefits of owning an electric scooter.

Some important advantages are as follows:

1. It has been seen that the new breed of electric scooters isn’t at all noisy.

Nowadays, these scooters that work electrically are made in such a way that they make the least amount of noise.

The sound you hear is a mild whirring sound just similar to that of an electric wheelchair. 

2. The most important thing to check is the price of an electric scooter

You may find this electric scooter as really affordable and can be easily bought for as low as $2000.

It is the cheapest product that kids can use and this helps to makes the electric scooters reasonable along with cost-effective. You do not need to pay any gas bills for such electric scooters.

3. It is easy to use these electric scooters.

You just need to do is plug-in, the battery must be charged and it can drive the vehicle.

You do not need to wait for the refueling of petrol in the petrol station

4. The battery does not need any charging and you need to also consider the cost of maintenance as well.

But the advantage is that when you see the total costs that are needed for the usage of electric scooters, you will notice that it will take only around 10% of the total bill of the fuel. 

5. There will be no pollutants that are emitted by your scooter or any greenhouse gases that you can see it indoors as well.

The battery could be easily replaced whenever you want but the actual replacement time is around in two years.

The old batteries are not as effective as the newer ones are and to get the most from it in a good way. You must keep them maintained appropriately. 

6. If you use high-quality batteries in your electric scooter, you will observe that the cost of maintenance would be less as when it is compared with a two-wheel electric scooter. 

7. Air pollution would never be an issue as there is no use of any gasoline or oil in it. 

8. You don’t have to change oil?

There is no need to change the oil constantly unlike the other different types of vehicles and this helps to prevent the build-up that is of many different black residues that are seen on the bike.

It simply clears that there is no requirement of breaking your back and neck washing and keeping your bike clean regularly. 

By keeping all these advantages in mind, electric scooters are the best alternative one can think of to own any vehicle.

It is considered to be the best investment and the best efficient mode of transportation that is in less populated areas. 

So get your new self-balancing scooter and get the most from it. Just to start you need to put one foot forward and the hoverboard starts working. One step back, and do it all over again. 

You may find the hoverboard either of the airwheel or the board design.

This board design is having two independent wheels that are rotating and fastens on both sides of the board with the help of hinges.

You can control the hoverboard easily by applying pressure on the pads that are very sensitive to the boards.

On the other side, there is an air wheel type that has one or two big wheels that are on the center that helps to control the pressure of the pads that are sensitive and are available on both the sides of the wheels.

A person should recognize the right type of hoverboard that will be suitable for him and will last for a longer time

How to Ride a Hoverboard:

You should know how to get on the hoverboard. The first thing is to make sure that your board is charged fully so that you can easily enjoy it.

Turn it on if it’s off and keep it in front of your side, just in front of your toes. 

You need to enable if your hoverboard features in a starter mode. 

Where to keep the lights of your hoverboard, in front or at the back?

This is a frequently asked question. Some believe that these LED lights are some sort of turning on signal for the people who are moving behind the back, so they must stay at back only.

The main thing you must know is that there is no front and back, it’s up to you how to ride. 

Several modes for the hoverboard – how to use them?

The very next question one thinks after purchasing the hoverboard is that how to use different modes of hoverboard and what are they.

They also consider switching in between them.

The best way to switch between these modes is to toggle the switch under the board’s center.

The following are the different modes of a hoverboard:

Cruiser Mode:

  • This is considered to be a default setting of the board. What you need to do is to shift the weight left, forward or right in any of the directions you want to move in said direction. 
  • You can also shift the weight backward that will help to either stop or decelerate. 
  • You can also see that the board will slow down automatically when anything comes in between that is detected 1.0 meters from the hoverboard. 
  • The speed it can cope is at 15 Mph that will help you to evade whenever you want. 
  • There are manual kicking offs that will help to increase the speed for distances that are near. 

Freestyle Mode:

  • This is the most advanced model of hoverboard that is beneficial for the thrill-seekers and tricksters that help to turn the hoverboard into another traditional skateboard. 
  • The movement is not affected by the shifting of weight.
  • The speed limiter is disabled. You may have a good choice to evade now. 

Tandem Mode:

In this mode, you can link up to 2 hoverboards to the main leading board.

These two boards will be locked into the main leading board.

This is known to be the ideal setting for the users to teach and to familiarize the children above the age of 7 with the hoverboard. 

Lead Board – Basically it functions similarly as that of the cruiser mode setting that contains all the features of the setting that are held intact. 

Tandem Board:

It helps to control functionality that is disabled. It also needs to have a tandem Brace Accessory for the tandem riders.

You must see the instructions properly for getting more relevant information about the modes of the hoverboard. 

There is a model named T580 hoverboard that consists of two main modes, one is known as the learning mode and the other is known as standard mode.

They can be easily switched whenever you want on the board itself but it is much easy and a safe way to do so through the app.

There is a limitation that must be set for the speed on the learning mode that you can experience at start and it is easy and comfortable to use as well.

The other mode that is the standard one helps you to ride even faster than ever.

Final verdict: Hoverboards are similar to skates that functions by motors that are installed in the wheels.

This motor power does not always come in same speed. The maximum speed is pre-programmed and is limited to specific stage. It is very dangerous to ride the hoverboard in full speed.


Keep your hoverboard away from water; it may be dangerous for your health as well as for your hoverboard.

However, a motor containing high-power will be a plus point for users to use it whose weight is closer to the upper limit as more power often means that the weight limits are higher if not the speed.

Avoid riding in extremely hot weather that is not good for both hoverboard and your health. It is also not suggested to use in extremely cold weather for the board.

Same as recommended for your smartphones or similar gadgets, hoverboard lose the ability of charging in such cold or such hot temperature that can damage your battery or motor even.

Always check the instructions before using the hoverboard.

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