How to Fix a Hoverboard Wheel: The Repair Manual

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In this article, you’ll discover the quick way to fix a hoverboard wheel.

The hoverboard is one of the most exciting things that we often own and enjoy. It’s one of the best investments for a fantastic ride on the streets.

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Every product has its level durability so does a hoverboard & its subsequent parts.

A hoverboard is usually attributed to high levels of durability due to good quality parts especially wheels.

Yet due to rough terrain, uneven ground or poor maintenance, there are chances for wear & tear in the hoverboard parts, especially the wheels.

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The scope of this guide binds all the problems associated with your hoverboard wheels.

I will enumerate some of the common problems hoverboard owners face with the wheel. Furthermore, I will share with you the best ways to fix these problems.

1). Hoverboard Wheel Locked

Many first timers & beginners perceive this as a major problem. Locked hoverboard wheels is a fairly common thing. Moreover, it is a default feature in some hoverboard ensuring your safety & untimely movements.

Hoverboard wheels have a lock mechanism owing ascertain unknown movements which can be a potential hazard to you. Every hoverboard remote has the lock & unlock buttons. You must press the unlock button in order to use the hoverboard.

After the ride, it is always advised to lock the hoverboard by pressing the lock button, for it is necessary to prevent your hoverboard from moving on its when you step on it next time.

Additionally, the lock feature on your hoverboard is also used to prevent it from any theft, thus safeguarding your investment.

2). Hoverboard Wheel Noise

The noise made by hoverboard wheels can be highly irritating & disturbing. They always conflict with the idea of a smooth ride. Whilst, this problem is common, you must be informed that mending it requires high caution & attention.

This sound can be in form of a click. Firstly, for most of the users, this problem is caused due to prolonged use & does not cause any difficulties. In order to prevent this, you must just tighten your screws & nuts quite frequently.

There are many ways in which noise could pose as some issue & recovery methods are listed in the other sections of the article depending upon the type of problem faced.

In the second case, this noise could also be caused due to some fault in the main engine/motor which needs extreme caution to rectify.

3). Hoverboard Wheel Rubbing

Rubbing of a hoverboard wheel could occur due to multiple reasons. The primary reason is the distance between the hoverboard wheel & the guard either being too proximal or too distant.

This issue can be rectified following the steps below:

  • The side of the rubbing wheel/wheels should be opened. You must be prepared to disassemble the hoverboard.
  • Remove the clip that connects the guard with the light, to make dismantling easier.
  • The side of the wheel has a black box called circuit box. Above it, there will exist a clamp which supports the wheel. It will consist of 4 screws which are supposed to be unscrewed.
  • The above steps will allow the wheel to move vertically. You might get some idea about the wheel was rubbing against the clamp. You must adjust this wheel a way, it does not rub against the clamp any longer.
  • You must now assemble the hoverboard parts back again. Reassemble the clamp screws, the light clip & the wheel.

4). Hoverboard Wheel Sticking

Have you ever noticed that your hoverboard wheel moves in jerks or does not move at all? Well, that’s definitely as a problem, moreover a safety issue.

This issue mainly occurs in old/used hoverboards due to internal issues either with the motor, battery or the motherboard.

First, you must ensure that the battery of the hoverboard is sufficient enough for a ride.

If the problem persists after recharging then you can confirm that there is an internal issue.

The second solution would be to rule out the concern of the rubbing wheel as mentioned in the article before.

You must perform the same steps. If the problem still exists then definitely there is an issue with the motherboard or the motor. Seeking the help of a certified mechanic is the best way around.

If your hoverboard is under some warranty, then you could also demand a replacement.

5). Hoverboard Wheel Grinding

On the occasion of hearing a grinding sound from your hoverboard wheel, you must note that there could be an issue in the wheel itself.

A grinding sound mainly comes when you use your hoverboard for a prolonged period of time on a rough, uneven terrain.

If you notice some wear & tear on your wheel, then I regret to inform you but you must immediately replace the wheel. A grinding wheel might lead to loss of balance while operating the device.

On the other hand, if you are lucky then you must refer to the solutions listed for a hoverboard wheel rubbing above in this article.

That might certainly solve the issue since it poses to be a common solution to most of the problems associated with you hoverboard wheel.

6). Hoverboard Wheel Turning Problem

A hoverboard wheel not turning is a major problem. It might lead to fatal accidents. Often it is caused due to inactivity of the sensors and calibrating your hoverboard shall do the job.

Perhaps if that does not work then you must consult the service center. Moreover, you must try recharging your battery or replace it.

7). One Side Hoverboard Not Working

Amongst the ones mentioned above, this is the most common problem faced. This issue can be easily identified if some red-light flashes on your board.

There are multiple issues that could be diagnosed such as a faulty gyroscope or a bad motor.

Recalibrating your hoverboard might work for you as a temporary solution, but in a long-term — this issue will definitely persist & only an expert could figure out a viable solution towards it.

Usually, your gyroscope is replaced, but there is a certainty of some issue associated with your battery or charger so it is always better to consult an expert.  


If you’re not satisfied with the guidelines provided in this article on how to fix your hoverboard wheel; maybe the noise or your wheel is squeaking in an entirely different manner, we can provide a detailed hoverboard repair guide.

If you observe that your hoverboard is not moving as expected, or it’s not powering on after you switch it on, it’s possible that you have forgotten to replace the white clips in their sockets.

Make sure you use the repair manual that comes with your hoverboard package for further guidelines.

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