Jetson Hoverboard Reviews: The Buyer’s Guide

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Many times we yearn so much for specific flashy recreational items, but when we get them, the excitement fades shortly afterward.

I have been waiting for the joy to diminish ever since I bought the Jetson V6 Hoverboard to no avail. It’s no wonder hoverboards have become one of the most sought-after products on the market.

In 2015 alone, 2,578,000 of them were sold resulting in a sales revenue of $997,660,000 In the United States.

The statistics reveal the magic there is in riding the scooters.

However, after acquiring the V6, I took time to compare it with other hoverboard brands and I discovered that the Jetson hoverboard reviews displayed cooler features than others in the market.I consider my scooter a citadel of fun, elegance, convenience, and safety.

Features of the Jetson hoverboards

Let me give you a breakdown of the features of this gadget to show you a clear picture of why having it is the most thrilling feeling. First, it has components that save your time and offer all the convenience you need.

For instance, charging the hoverboard takes a mere one to two hours, but it will last 15 miles. Using the item is also easy since you can customize the ride modes to reflect your speed and riding level requirements.

You will also like the active balance technology employed in the product which makes it easy for you to enjoy your experience on various types of surfaces.

Hoverboards from Jetson guarantee you fun while at the same time connects you to the extensive network of other hoverboard users. The product represents the epitome of entertainment given its Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.

The Bluetooth enablement on the scooter lets you play your favorite music as the lights of the LED change colors and brightness with the beat.

The amazing bit is that you can keep track of your general experience, real-time speed, and distance covered and sent the statistics to your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

My experience using a hoverboard

I remember vividly the first breathtaking experience I had on the Jetson V6 hoverboard on the second week after its purchase.

I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch, but I got flat tire immediately I began the trip. It is then that an idea came to me to try out the hoverboard. Most of the stretch was flat except for a 300-meter distance that had a 23-degree elevation.

I was surprised that the scooter didn’t slow down despite the fact that I was carrying about 140 lbs of books on my backpack! All through the next week, my allegiance shifted from the bicycle to the scooter.


  • The Bluetooth speaker sound is flawless.
  • A speed of up to 13 mps.
  • Alerts user when the battery is too low.
  • Fire and water resistant.
  • UL-2272 certified.
  • Lightweight of 22 lbs.


Honestly, I am still drooling over these awesome features of my V6 that I will be lying if I told you that I had discovered any flaws. My experience so far has been one of a kind, and I have found no reason to complain.

Other Types of Jetson Hoverboards

I ventured to find out whether the other Jetson hoverboards had such amazing features as the V6. I came across the V5 model and was pleased to discover that it had all the cool features as the V6.

The only difference was the color since the one I saw was blue. Therefore, you won’t be frustrated regardless of which hoverboard you decide to buy since the differences are only meant to appeal to trivial personal preferences.

In this manner, you will find them in various colors, lengths of the board and, the design of the LED lights area.

For a fast-paced ride with a superb balance, awesome music, and a guarantee of safety, I would recommend you get the Jetson hoverboard scooter.

Everything about the gadget lets loose your exploration spirit. It is easy to assemble and customize even for a first time user.

Most importantly, the UL certification is a clear indicator of the manufacturer’s focus on the safety of the users of the product. I support the Jetson Hoverboard reviews that assured me I would get a ride of a lifetime.

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