10 Places that Sell Hoverboards: Top Seller’s Compared

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Hoverboards are awesome. That’s a simple and known fact. As their popularity grows, people are buying hoverboards at a faster rate, in 2015 alone nearly 2.6 million were sold in the United States.

I have developed increasingly fond feelings for the mobility and freedom that the small red one which I borrowed from my roommate brings to me when moving around my university campus.

But with them becoming more popular one question remains, where can you buy a hoverboard if you don’t have one?

No matter where you live, here are the 10 trusted places to buy a Hoverboard:

Hoverboard Canada

Hoverboard Canada is a Canadian retailer of hoverboards operating out of the Great White North since 2014, being the first and most trusted one to do so.

On their website, they claim to prioritize the safety of the customer over anything else. The store’s primary focus is on creating high-quality boards that will last their users a lifetime and offer a 3-month warranty to support that claim. With claims like that, why not buy?

Best Buy

As an electronics giant, Best Buy carries the very latest in most electronic gadgets. Therefore it wasn’t a surprise when I was walking through the store one day and came across a smattering of hoverboards from various manufacturers.

Their customer service is pretty excellent too! If you’re looking for an accessible retailer with lots of knowledge about the products their selling and a place to pick up some new headphones along the way you really can’t go wrong with BestBuy


I love Target; I’m going to get that out of the way now. It carries pretty much everything you need in a crisp, clean, family-friendly atmosphere.

So when I was searching for a place to buy a Hoverboard, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I checked their electronics section and found that they had more than a few good ones in stock!


You kind of already guessed this one was going to be on here, admit it. That being said this retailer has pretty much everything under the sun and is pretty impressive if you’re shopping on a budget.

They’ve also got a pretty decent selection of hoverboards that have some pretty sweet prices on them, though you won’t find anything special here.


The next place to check is Amazon. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because you’re probably from the jungle that bears its name.

When I typed the word hoverboard into the site’s search bar, I was greeted with literally thousands of results and hundreds of thousands of prices, shipping times, and places of origin for each. If a selection is your game, Amazon is the place to go.


Gearbest is a place I had heard of but had never really checked out before my search for my new hoverboard.

A site with a massive selection of everything in electronics from light bulbs to 3D printers it has its share of broken English and is apparently Asian in origin. Nevertheless, online reviews say they deliver, and their selection and prices are great!


I discovered Swagtron through my Google search to find a hoverboard shop and almost skipped over it due to its name, no, seriously.

Though once you click on the site, it’s a clean and clear modern design that is pleasant to navigate.

As a downside, they only carry their own line of boards, and they are a bit on the expensive side compared to other options.

King Power Boards

King Powerboards are probably my favorite supplier for hoverboards I found. The site is easy to navigate and locate what you’re looking for.

They have a huge selection of brands and merchandise, they have free shipping, and they even have video showcases!

To make them even more impressive, they also carry ProZip brand hoverboards, a premium company known for its quality products.


Wheelster is a retailer who is in your face both with how Canadian they are, and how much they love hoverboards.

The first thing you see on their website is how they have free shipping in Canada, well that and a %60 off offer. That offer, by the way, is an awesome one for any who are eligible.

Nonetheless, the selection is decent, and pricing is reasonable, so if you’re a Canadian, go for it!

Hover Hub

Hover hub was an awesome site to visit. It had a great design and tons of information about the company’s history, a regular blog, an accessories section, and most importantly, hoverboards!

The selection of those, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired as most of them look the same or are priced at the higher end of the spectrum.

If you can get some merchandise on clearance though this might be a site to give a chance.

Getting ready to buy a hoverboard

There are a ton of places to get hoverboards both online and in store. What you’re looking for in a retailer will be the deciding factor as to where you will purchase yours.

In any case, any of the above websites or stores will provide you with access to the hoverboard lifestyle, so many around the world enjoy today.