How Much Does A Real Hoverboard Cost (Average Cost & Examples)

When you’re looking to buy a hoverboard for yourself or to gift a friend or family member, the cost might be your major concern.

To a large extent, it depends on the color and design!

I was surprised when I found that TOMOLOO hoverboard (links to Amazon), my favorite brand (based on recommendations from friends) was affordable on Amazon.

We will see later in this article why there are price differences between hoverboards, nevertheless know that generally the prices of the new devices are classified as follows:

  • The classics: between $199 and $350
  • The 10-inch: between $250 and $350
  • Offroad: between $300 and $600
  • The One wheel: between $300 and $1,500

For other types of hoverboards, such as electric skates and gyros , here are the standard prices:

  • Gyroroue entry level: $330 – $430
  • Gyroroue mid range: $450 – $635
  • Gyroroue high end: $600 – $1,083
  • Gyroroue for professionals: $1,000 – $4,090
  • Electric Skateboard: $230 – $480

Where to buy hoverboard cheap?

We have listed for you the average prices. Know that at the lowest, hoverboards may be $124, but this is very rare and subject to caution. The cheapest are usually $199.

You can buy directly from Amazon or any other retailer.

Why such price differences?

It’s not a matter of manufacturing location. All hoverboards come from almost the same place: Shenzhen. This part of China is called the Chinese Silicon Valley.

Manufacturers of French-made gyropods are extremely rare and almost invisible on the current market.  There are nevertheless brands of French hoverboards (resellers).

Same place, but different quality.

When a brand buys in China, it has a lot of choices and costs.

Indeed, there are huge differences between suppliers .

Some will offer quality gear that meets CE and Rohs standards. Others will do nothing but bait the customer with a very low price.

More services

The most heavily invested French brands offer French customers a large number of services that explain the differences in the price of these electric vehicles.

For example, the Weebot brand has a service center, a physical store in Paris and Brussels and generally offers a two-year warranty on its electric vehicles.

Weebot even offers to customize your toy.

Does it cost you a lot more? Not necessarily, the first price at this merchant is 249 €.

Are there additional options and costs?

For classic hoverboards, there is no over-billing possible. Only accessories will be used as a shell for the hoverboard and a helmet.

For the electric monoroues, the deal may be different since for each model there are different engines. Thus, the price may vary.

Can I go to Online Stores to find a better deal?

Why not? Be very careful though. In addition, be aware that there are new hoverboards at the price of the occasion at a large global e-commerce. But hush, we did not tell you anything!

How much does a comparative hoverboard cost in France?

real hoverboards are one of this year’s hottest gifts, also known as the “less attractive but more accurate” electric skate.

“If you’re brave enough to try to grab one of these devices, then you probably need to have some pre-shopping questions. We have answers for you!

Where can I buy one?

It’s already this end of the year and you want to know the price of a hoverboard.

You are on the right site. We offer several product lines that you can discover on the site.

We make it a point of honor to always stock our stock to meet the most important expectations.

In addition, our main concern is the safety of our users.

Our products meet the essential standards in Europe that is why we have selected the best materials mainly integrated into our motors, motherboard, and battery in order to guarantee a maximum longevity of the lifetime of our products.

That’s how our reputation was born.

Many brands are positioned in the hoverboard market by surfing the wave but offers products that do not always meet the standards and there are now many counterfeit, that’s why we invite you to really be vigilant.

how much do razor hoverboards cost, or any other brand?

At the beginning, hoverboards prices were very high and many brands including Razor wanted to democratize it by offering lower prices but better quality to ensure safety in the use of our products.

For example, in France, the prices are based on quality/price ratio. 

Hoverboards cost on average $120 – $200 in France.

Here are the popular hoverboards brands in France:

  • Hover-store
  • Weebot
  • Moovway
  • Newshoot
  • Balanceboard

How can you benefit from a hoverboard?

1). Great for riding to school

Taking children by car creates many disadvantages: finding a time slot between the time of entry and exit of the children with his working hours, lengthening his trip by car if the school is not on the way which leads to his place of work not to mention the fuel expenses.

The bike on its side can tire the child, and when the desire not to pedal watches for him, he has no other solution than to push this one.

The hoverboard is an alternative to all its locomotion problems: it does not require physical effort and is very pleasant to ride for children.

2). Ride to your office

Employees of the 2.0 trades such as designers, graphic designers and webmasters can very well heal their look of web artists by coming to their office with a hoverboard.

It is a very aesthetic means of transport with very low energy consumption and non-polluting.

3). It’s fun time with a hoverboard

Strolling along the shopping malls, visiting the historic streets, strolling through the park alleys, the hoverboard is a real walking companion.

What are the criteria for choosing a hoverboard?

When buying your hoverboard, check the following features:

  • The autonomy of the device: a hoverboard generally has a range of 15 to 20 kilometers
  • The maximum load: around 60 kg for children’s models and around 100 kg for adult models
  • Battery recharge time: up to two hours
  • Maximum speed: this criterion is essential if you want to move quickly
  • Resistance to rain: check the degree of tightness of the device
  • The weight of the device: the weight is an indispensable criterion since it guarantees the stability of the hoverboard

What are the different features of the hoverboard?

The price of a hoverboard also depends on the features it integrates:

  • Bluetooth receiver: connected to speakers, some hoverboards are equipped with a wireless connection allowing you to listen to music while driving
  • Remote control: some models of hoverboard are equipped with a remote control to turn it on or off without the need to bend down


There are different models of hoverboards with different features and functions.

You’ve got to choose the right one for you based on its features, functionality, and cost.