Is A Scooter Safer Than A Bicycle? (What You Should Now)

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Scooters and bicycles make our lives easier and exciting.

Even if you can afford to buy a car, you will appreciate a scooter or a bicycle.

When it comes to safety, which one can you rely on to take you to and fro and not be worried?

Is a scooter safer than a bicycle? Riding a bicycle is safer because as a cyclist, you’re required to take different route such as bike lanes, back roads, and ride in places where the roads aren’t so busy. This makes it safer, compared with a scooter that often forces you to go much faster on main roads, with the other vehicles.

To fully answer this question, we need to consider different perspectives, like in exactly what condition a scooter can be safer than a bicycle and in what situation a scooter is dangerous.

Let’s take a look.

1). Health safety

When the talk is about health, then a bicycle is better than a scooter. Cycling is a type of exercise that almost people of all ages can enjoy.

A person can protect himself/herself from diseases, such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, etc by riding a bicycle regularly.

On the other hand, when you are riding a scooter, then you are not engaged in an exercise as you don’t have to exert force to move the scooter like the way you exert energy in moving the bicycle by paddling.

2). Chances of physical injury

If you want to travel on fast roads that have no cycle lanes, then a scooter is safer than a bicycle.

When you are on a fast road, then cars/scooters will be at high speed. If you are on a bicycle, then there is a possibility that those fast-moving cars/scooters will hit you from behind.

3). Protective equipment

While you may wear protective equipment while traveling on a scooter or a bicycle, the protective gear of the scooter is safer.

That said, even if the protective equipment of a scooter is more reliable, still, if you meet an accident while riding a scooter at high speed, then injuries are likely to more severe than the ones you can get in a bicycle accident.

How to remain safe while riding a scooter?

Compared to a car, the scooter is a less-expensive way of traveling. Let’s not forget riding a scooter can be fun too.

That said, one should be very cautious while riding a scooter because if an accident happens while riding one, injuries can be severe.

To safely reach your destination on a scooter, follow the following scooter safety tips:

i). Wear the helmet that best fits your head

We know that wearing a helmet while riding a scooter is of great importance. A helmet can protect your head if you meet an accident.

A helmet is like an additional layer of the head that protects you from severe forms of traumatic injury of the brain in case an accident happens. That said the size of the helmet matters a lot.

If you are wearing a helmet that doesn’t properly fit your head, then you are making a big mistake.

While cruising, if the size of the helmet is bigger than your head’s size, then you’ll feel uncomfortable.

Because you might not be comfortable, you’ll get distracted, and because of distraction, you may not focus on surrounding vehicles that much and end up meeting an accident. Always remember to wear that helmet that best fits your head.

ii). Avoid riding with optimal speed on wet roads

If you are riding on a rainy road, then make sure you are going at a slow speed.

Compared to riding fast on a dry road, riding fast on a wet road is more dangerous because the scooter can slip if you press the brakes too hard.

Even if the tires of your scooter are of high-quality, still, the scooter can slip.

3). Reflective clothing

Riding a scooter at night can be dangerous because a lot of drivers sometimes miss seeing other travelers on the road because of low light, and thus, end up in an accident. What’s more, a scooter is not the ideal transport in low light conditions.

You should be wearing reflective clothing while driving during night time. Doing this will increase your visibility.

iv). Use indicators wisely

If you want to move left or right, then make sure you turn your indicator on a little earlier.

Turning the indicator on at the last moment can be dangerous as drivers behind you may not notice it and end up hitting you while you moving left or right.

v). Ride on smooth hard surfaces

Riding a scooter in off-road conditions is not recommended — and that is why you should ride on smooth hard surfaces.

vi). The passenger in the back shouldn’t move abnormally

If you have someone on the back seat of your scooter, then instruct him/her to do not move abnormally as it can destabilize the balance of the scooter.

How to remain safe while riding a bicycle?

Riding a bicycle is a healthy and fun activity, and it also makes you independent. That said, just like a scooter, a bicycle is also a vehicle, and one should ride it carefully to avoid any accident.

To remain safe while riding a bicycle, follow the following tips:

i). Properly fitted helmet

Just like a scooter/bike, the helmet that you wear while riding a bicycle should properly fit your head.

Even if bicycles can’t move at high speeds, still, a properly fitted helmet is necessary because sometimes, even at slow speed, a distraction because by not being comfortable with the helmet could lead to an accident.

2). Adjust your bicycle

If you are using a road bike, then there should be 1-2 inches between the top tube and you, and if it is a mountain bicycle, then 3-4 inches.

The height of the seat should be set at that level that makes sure your knees are slightly bent when you fully extend your legs.

Here, keep in mind that handlebar height and seat height should be at the same level.

Take the handlebar seriously

Some people make the mistake of taking off both hands from the handlebar for fun.

While most of them don’t fall by doing this, but some do fall, and that is why one of your hands should always be on the handlebar.

Use the bicycle carrier or the backpack for books

Do not carry books in one of your hands while steering the bicycle with the other hand because you may feel uncomfortable by doing this.

Use the bicycle carrier or backpack for carrying the books.

Do not overload the bicycle

Riding the bicycle with only one person as a passenger, either sitting on the carrier or top tube is okay, but overloading the cycle with one person on the carrier and one on the top tube is a blunder.

Overloading the bicycle with three people including you may imbalance the bicycle, and consequently, all of you may fall.


Since it can be difficult to be seen at night, in addition to reflectors on the rear and front of your bicycle, there should be reflectors on the spokes too to maximize your visibility.

Don’t ignore traffic laws

Many bicyclists make the mistake of not taking traffic laws seriously because they think that bicycle isn’t a vehicle, and thus, they shouldn’t need to follow every traffic law.

Riding a bicycle is safer than riding a scooter. However, a bicycle is a vehicle, and thus, you need to follow every traffic law whether you are riding in a street, bicycle lane, or a normal road.

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