Swagtron T1 vs T3 Hoverboards: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

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This is my unbiased comparison of the SwagTron T1 and T3 hoverboards. I can’t express how excited I was when I received my T3 Hoverboard last night, I can’t wait to ride on it.

Truly, with the rise of Smartphones, tablets, and the advent of video streaming options such as YouTube and Netflix, you may find that you are becoming lenient (sorry, lazy) than you would like.

If that’s the case, you might consider getting a hoverboard to add some springs to your steps again. Hopefully, mine will be the job.

A hoverboard might be the perfect thing to take resort to, going for a ride navigating around the blocks or parks.

When you think of hoverboards — with so many brands singing their own praises — what is a better choice than a Swagtron.

It is self-balancing and of course, a personal transporter that uses sophisticated technology, completely revolutionizing the way we travel.

Swagtron products are eco-friendly and implement only the uber quality materials and top-notch safety features.

To add to that, Swagtron produces Underwriters Laboratories certified self-balancing scooters that come in two different models namely Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3. Let’s take it one after the other.

Swagtron T1 Reviews

Banking on T1, the company has been able to dart at the sweet spot for hoverboard enthusiasts — be a pro or a beginner. T1 hoverboard comes with adequate power, a state of the art and a handy apprentice mode and a lot of safety aspects to it for the peace of the user’s mind.

T1 with its ability to keep its cool on multiple surfaces packs the punch with an impressive battery life.

In terms of T1’s prolific reactivity, speed, and overall dynamics, it has turned out to be a good mid-range hoverboard experience. The Safe Stop technology embraced by the company burst onto the scene with T1.

Safe Stop helps evade potential halts or unexpected stoppages due to a battery setback and helps T1 to beep a caveat signal as soon as it detects a surrendering battery making it all the more safe and convenient.

The SentryShield battery in T1, which is a proprietary lithium-ion design by Swagtron, requires an hour to completely charge itself and can continue to keep up to 12 miles.

Considering the fact that most hoverboard fires begin with the battery pack, having a sturdy metal casing in contrast to flammable plastic will prevent any possible fire mishap.

This extent of 12 miles can differ based upon the landscape, weight of rider, weather and rider’s coasting style. As per T1’s manual, for proper control of the hoverboard, a rider must not be shorter than 4 Feet or weigh less than 44 lbs.

Swagtron T1 boasts of:

  • Strong and sturdy ABS external body packaging that is fire-resilient
  • Open wheel well configuration for better tire rotation, clearance of debris and easier maintenance
  • Slip-proof foot pads
  • Bright LED headlights
  • Upgraded smoother and faster dual electric 300W motors
  • A gradability of 30 degrees
  • A turning radius of 0 degrees.

A fire repelling body with better grip and better safety in T1 can coast at a speed ranging from 3 km/hr to 12 km/hr contingent upon rider’s weight and the territory and is a class apart when it comes to the looks it displays.

In a nutshell, Swagtron has come up with an extremely hardy and well-designed hoverboard in the T1.

What about the Swagtron T3 features?

It is rather clear that the T1 holds the standard position in the slate of Swagtron’s range of products. It is ideal for those who prefer quality but reasonably priced hoverboards without too many advanced features.

It is no secret that with the release of T1 and T3, Swagtron somewhat overtook Swagway, and have raised the bar even higher when it comes to hoverboards.

T3 could be labeled as the big brother’ of T1 and is equally popular. T3 model is one of the impregnable hoverboards in the market today and has a completely unique look that you will not find anywhere else.

For tech-savvy users looking for some extra features, Swagtron T3 is the go-to board. However, T3 is slightly more expensive than its lesser counterpart and that is understandable.

For certainty, both T1 and T3 have been equipped with tools, features, and capabilities for your riding pleasure. Their battery compartments are well protected and both of them have durable and incombustible frames. Swagtron T1 comes with a standard body in contrast to a T3 which comes with a sporty body.

T3 looks indeed more stylish than a T1. Both models are equipped with the LED headlights to allow safe night hour navigation, but Swagtron T3 has this integrated carrying strap for easy portability.

In terms of performance, both Swagtrons are identical. Both T1 and T3 are able to accelerate up to 8 MPH or 12 km/h speed.

Both have similar battery life although T3 is enhanced with a 5 level charge indicator, something which the T1 does not have, to show where your battery power is at; they can own up to a stretch of 12 miles.

In dire case of the battery running out of power, these hoverboards have the Safe Stop feature, which dampens their speed instead of stopping them all of a sudden.

The T1 however only has 2 riding modes in learner and standard whereas you get 3 riding modes when it comes to a T3 – learner, standard and advanced or pro.

The Beginner mode or the learning slab will keep you coasting along at 4 miles per hour and slows down the acceleration fizz.

Standard propels you to touch the 6 miles per hour mark and help you fetch faster relays on turns and speed, whereas the pro mode allows you to ride at more than 8 miles per hour.

If you are one of those who likes to convert your ride into a party setting, then T3 is for you. T3 is decked out with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to play and jam some tunes as you coast along.

T3 also has an impressive revolutionary app which is available for download at App Store and Google Play.

This app will allow you to monitor your speed, distance, acceleration, temperature, routes, and courses, and battery level to name a few.

You can also tweak your maximum speed and alter board’s turn sensitivity with the custom settings that work best for you through the Swagtron app.

The much-talked-about app will also allow you to select the riding mode with just a gentle peck of your finger.

Swagtron T3 is obviously a great option with its Bluetooth speakers, a friendly app, and an integrated carrying strap.

However, if you don’t think these features are relevant to you, you can always ride a T1 which already has a similar performance like the costlier model.

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