Swagtron vs Hover-1: Which Hoverboard is Better?

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Value for your money: Hover-1 Hoverboard:

All-terrain and easy to rid: SwagTron Hoverboard:

Both SwagTron and Hover-1 are incredibly good hoverboards, which you can use to have fun.

There are factors to be considered before you can probably say Swagtron is better than Hover-1:

  • Safety
  • Features

However, the Swagtron scooter is better than the Hover-1 scooter. Because Swagtron has more features than Hover-1. But I will take you into the details of both products.

Though, they both have similar features that make them better but there are still some existing differences between the two. 

In terms of speed, Swagtron products can cover 8 mile per hour compared to Hover-1 that can only cover 7 mile per hour.

Let’s get to know why Swagtron is better than Hover-1.

Are The Products Certified By Underwriter Laboratories?

Swagtron is certified by the U.S Underwriting Laboratory (UL 2272) that is safe for users.

Hover-1 has also acquired a certification under the U.S UL 2272, which certified their products to meet safety standards.

The two products have been certified by the U.S Underwriter Laboratories to be good and safe products for users.

Now that you know they’re both certified, let’s take a study on each one of them.


Swagtron is a perfect hoverboard for both kids and adults. This product has excellent features that makes it the most enjoyable scooter in the market.

Surprisingly, Swagtron has the highest speed limit compared to Hover-1.

It is among the highest speed hoverboards you can find. When it comes to safety, it has well designed components that provide users the best safety. 

What is The Performance of Swagtron?

The Swagtron hoverboard has better performance because it is built with a 300-watt motor, a top high speed of 8 mile per hour and a range of 11 miles per hour.

Unlike other Hoverboards, this product it’s manufactured with the best motor watt that controls the speed.

The performance of this product largely depends on the capacity of the battery. It has a better capacity of battery, which is a lithium-ion battery.

In most cases, Swagtron speed is not affected with the terrain in which it rides on. The major effect that disturbs the speed is the weight of the riders. 

An experienced kid can ride on a rough surface with maximum speed without being stripped off the road.

Swagtron can comfortably accommodate a weight range of 45 to 220 pounds. This weight practically cut across every range.

The Battery

Swagtron Hoverboard products have a better battery. The capacity of the battery can go for 7-12 miles of usage. 

What drains the battery is the weight and how it is used. Another factor that affects the performance of the battery is the weather. 

Most times, the battery performance drops when over hot or exposed to cold. Cold delay it to respond to on as well.

You can save the battery’s life by keeping your swagtron scooter in a favorable temperature that will boost its performance.

After riding for 12 mile is advisable to either change the battery or charge it to enhance its performance.

Is Swagtron Product Durable?

Swagtron scooter products are durable. The product casing is manufactured from ABS – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is sturdy. This material makes it durable.

The tires of the Swagtron Hoverboard are made of hard rubber with an aluminum rims cover. Though, this rim doesn’t add any weight to the board.

The board has 23 pounds, which is lightweight. The tires are not designed to travel on sand, rocky ground and grass.

Does Swagtron Hoverboard Have LED Light?

Generally, almost all hoverboards in the market have LED light. Likewise, Swagtron products have LED light.

The LED light is in a strategic position that makes riding enjoyable during poor visibility. Apart from the LED light, Swagtron has other 5 indicator lights, which show the percentage of battery usage. 

The indicator lights are shown when the battery is low during riding and full when charging. 

For the durability of your Swagtron battery, don’t allow it to go below 20% or lower than this once in a month. 

Does Swagtron Have Protection Against Overheat?

The Scooter is coated with Silicone Gel, which protects the board from overheating. Especially when you are riding it. 

The battery is coated with Sentry-Shield aluminum alloy casing that protects the battery from overheating as well. One of the major default of Hoverboards is overheating.

Easy To Ride

Swagtron Hoverboard products are not difficult to ride. It designed with different modes, which make it easy to ride:

  • The leaning Mode
  • The standard mode
  • The riding mode 

These modes make it easy for both beginners and experienced one to have a great time with the scooter.

The learning mode is used to control the board’s speed. Even though you’re going 8mph you don’t get panic because you can still control it with learning mode. This mode is good for beginners.

The standard mode is what speed level  —  either to increase the speed or decrease speed. With standard mode you can speed to 8 mile per hour. The scooter is still under your control with the standard mode.

Also the Swagtron has a feature that allows you to switch modes. Therefore to switch mode, simply hold down the power button for 3 second. 

Another important mode is the self-balancing mode. it automatically activates once the Hoverboard is turned-on and steps your foot on the board pad.

The Hover-1

The Hover-1 is good for those who aren’t particular about speed. The hoverboard has a speed limit of 7mile per hour.

The Hover-1 is a perfect scooter for beginners. This group of people can control this speed. It’s mainly recommended for beginners.

But in some cases, Hover-1 can exceed 7 mph into 12 mph in good surface conditions. Most of these conditions are riding on a flat and smooth ground. 

In addition, the board can incline a hill at a degree of 17. This one of the best hoverboards you can use around town.

Overview of Hover-1 

Unlike other hoverboards (Swagtron), Hover-1 has 250-watt motors on each wheel and a total of 500 watts motor on booth wheels.

The 500-watts capacity makes it possible to operate each wheel differently at the same time. Also make the brake to be effective.

Hover-1 has a battery of 36 volts that has the component of lithium-ion. The battery has the capacity to last for 7 mph. 

It requires 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Once the battery is full, it lasts longer than other hoverboards in the market. 

Hover-1 isn’t specifically met to ride on rough terrain. Because its wheels are 6.5-inches diameter. This is a signal that it might not perform well on a rough surface or off road.

Hover-1 Tires

It has airless tires that are good for rough riders. The tires aren’t solid and not necessarily good at rough terrain. You don’t need to pump the tires because they’re airless.

Hover-1 has the capacity to carry a rider that weighs 220 pounds. The weights it can handle range from 25 to 220 pounds. This made it perfect for both kids and adults as well.

Self-balancing of Hover-1 requires a weight of 45 pounds to be activated. This means that the rider’s weight must be up to 45 pounds. Hence it will not automatically activate. 

Does Hover-1 Have Bluetooth?

Unlike other hoverboards, Hover-1 doesn’t have mobile app or Bluetooth speaker connectivity.

Riders are not able to control it from their mobile phone due to lack of mobile apps.

For example, you can’t control the speed, distance and stop from your mobile phone because it doesn’t have connectivity to use mobile apps.

Battery Indicators

Another important feature is the battery indicators. This feature helps riders to know the percentage of battery usage.

The battery indicator is on the board, where you can easily see it when riding. It’s most important that you keep an eye on your battery indicators to avoid being stranded.

The battery indicators have 2 different colors. The red means below 20% or lower. Once your battery gets to this level you need to charge it.

Green indicator means the battery is full. At this point you can remove it from charging.

The green light will continue to show once the battery is above 50% immediately it goes down below 50% then it requires charge. 

Is Hover-1 Safe to Ride?

Hover-1 products are certified by the U.S. Underwriter Laboratories. This means safe for riders. 

The battery has protections, which shield it from explosion during overheating. These features made it one of the best hoverboards you can ride.

Riders have nothing to worry about when riding in a low light area. Hover-1 has LED lights on the front that you can use to navigate your way through.

It is mostly recommended to use the right charger to power it. And don’t leave it on power overnight. 


One of the major factors an experience riders consider before buying a hoverboard is safety. These two scooters are safety certified.

The features of both hoverboards, made them excellent scooters for both beginners and experienced ones.

The choice is now yours for you to decide which one will best suit your scooter fun. Though Swagtron is more likely better than Hover-1.

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