Tomoloo vs Gyroor (Differences and Which is Better)?

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Hoverboards are mostly built to ride on smooth roads while some can be used off roads.

Some hoverboards have Bluetooth and mobile apps while others don’t. 

Hoverboard’s features are the major determinant to know which one is better than.

In this article, I have a side by side comparison of Tomoloo and Gyroor that’ll help you make the perfect decision on which one better.

Tomoloo and Gyroor are two brands of hoverboard that have similar features. But the features function differently.

At the end of this write up, you’ll have better information on which you should buy. 

LED Lights — Tomoloo vs Gyroor

The Gyroor hoverboard has a bright LED light, which is mostly good at dim light. Because the major function of the LED light in a hoverboard is for visibility.

Gyroor is customised with both front and back LED rear light. This is not common among other hoverboards, especially the Tomoloo hoverboard.

Gyroor hoverboard has an inbuilt system that controls the LED light and the music speakers. This is a great feature that makes Gyroor different from Tomoloo.

Unlike other hoverboards, Tomoloo doesn’t have LED lights but it has combinations of different colors of light. These colors of light make it unique at night.

In a nutshell, when looking for a hoverboard with LED light go for Gyroor instead of Tomoloo.

When it comes to LED light, Gyroor is far better than most of the hoverboards in the market.

Bluetooth Speakers  — Tomoloo vs Gyroor

Tomoloo and Gyroor hoverboards are Bluetooth speakers enabled. They both have mobile app connectivity, which is used for the Bluetooth speakers. 

But still, there is great difference in the version of Bluetooth speakers they both have.

The Bluetooth speaker in the Tomoloo is the 4.0 version. This is one the highest version you can find in any hoverboard out there.

This version of Bluetooth speakerS appliefies music more and makes riders enjoy the ride.

Tomoloo hoverboard has Bluetooth speaker indicator. The indicator gives light to show when it is on.

Most hoverboards indicators make noise when they switch on. But the Tomoloo hoverboard Bluetooth indicator is noiseless when it’s on.

The factory setting of Tomoloo Bluetooth speakers makes it easy for riders to connect with their mobile phones. 

On the contrary, Gyroor hoverboard connection takes a few minutes before it can properly connect with the mobile app.

Unlike the Tomoloo hoverboard, the Gyroor Bluetooth indicator makes noise when you switch on. This is a major default with the scooter.

Another problem of this Bluetooth connectivity is the rate at which it drains battery when it transfers audio music.

Tomoloo hoverboard has the best Bluetooth connectivity compared to Gyroor hoverboard. 

If you’re looking for the hoverboard with the best, and the noiseless Bluetooth indicator, then go for Tomoloo scooter. 

Safety — Tomoloo vs Gyroor

The first factor hoverboard riders check out for is safety. They want to be sure if the product has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories in the U.S. 

Before now, there where many brand producers of hoverboards. They actually produce substandard hoverboards. 

Some of the companies were not conscious of safety, until the arrival of Underwriters Laboratories.

It’s certain that any brand of hoverboard producer that’s certified by UL are actually safe for eiders.

Tomoloo hoverboard is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL 2272) and has met all safety standards.

Tomoloo hoverboards are safe for both beginners and experts to ride without any fear of slipp of the road or battery explosion.

Tomoloo hoverboard products have been approved by CPSC, as the product with higher supreme quality. So many riders enjoy riding on Tomoloo hoverboards because of the safety.

Tomoloo hoverboards are also certified by UL 2272 to be the most safe hoverboards for beginners who are in their learning phase.

Most hoverboards out are not certified by UL2272 to be used by beginners. The safety of this brand of scooter makes it gain popularity among many lovers of scooter in the U.S.

Gyroor hoverboards also enjoy the certification safety standard by the Underwriters Laboratories.

The product is not yet certified to be safe for beginners who are still in the process of learning.

Therefore, if you’re in the phase of learning the best hoverboard you need is the Tomoloo hoverboard.

Tomoloo hoverboard will provide you all the safety measures you need as a beginner. So when it comes to safety, Tomoloo hoverboard is better than Gyroor. 

Tomoloo and Gyroor are both electric self-balancing scooters. Once you step on the board, the self-balancing feature automatically activates.

Weight Limit — Tomoloo vs Gyroor

Every hoverboard has a weight limit it can hold. The weight limit is set by the manufacturers.

Likewise with the Tomoloo and Gyroor hoverboard. These two scooters have maximum weight they can accommodate to maintain safety standard measures.

Tomoloo can hold a maximum weight of 264lbs. This is one of the maximum weights you can find in other hoverboards.

It’s among the hoverboards that has the highest maximum weight bearing capacity in the scooter industry. This weight limit makes hefty people to enjoy Tomolooo hoverboards.

While the maximum weight Gyroor can hold is 33lbs. This weight limit makes the Tomoloo hoverboard far better than the Gyroor hoverboard.

If you’re looking for the best hoverboard with a higher weight carrier, I recommend you go for the Tomoloo hoverboard.

This scooter is built to carry bigger weight, which most other scooters can’t handle. Tomoloo scooters have the pressure to accommodate both kids and adults.

Speed/Mileage Limit — Tomoloo vs Gyroor

There is a great difference between Tomoloo and Gyroor when it comes to speed. The mileage of Tomoloo and Gyroor aren’t the same as well.

The maximum speed limit of the Tomoloo hoverboard is 10 mile per hour. This is what it covers without stopping when you’re gliding.

While the speed limit of Gyroor is 9.95 mile per hour. This speed is good for beginners. If you’re a beginner go for a Gyroor hoverboard that has the speed limit you can control.

Tomoloo hoverboard it’s among the hoverboards with the highest speed you can find in the market.

Tomoloo is specifically designed for those who prefer speed. Especially those who’re experienced in the scooter industry.

Tomoloo hoverboard has a speed control feature. This feature helps beginners to control the speed.

Battery — Tomoloo vs Gyroor 

Battery is an important component in a hoverboard. Irrespective of its speed, Bluetooth, and mobile app built design without a battery these features will not function.

The beauty of a scooter is in the capacity of the beattery. How long it lasts during gliding is very important.

Tomolooo battery is manufactured by reputable companies like LG, and Samsung. It lasts longer than you expected. It takes up to 12 mile per hour before you charge it. 

Unlike other hoverboard, Tomoloo product are design to swap batteries. You can get an extra battery in the market to serve as a backup, if you’re the type that can ride more than 12 mile per hour.

Tomoloo batteries are reliable that you can use for a long distance ride. When the battery is fully charged, it can take more than 12mph.

The charging duration of the Tomoloo hoverboard is 2 — 3 hours. Once it’s fully charged, it takes unto 4 — 5 before it will run down. 

Tomoloo hoverboard batteries are Li-Ion with high quality materials. The battery has 36V. 

It’s a replaceable battery, which you can easily swapp. Tomoloo hoverboards are designed in such a way that you can easily replace the battery.

Tomoloo battery are design with insulation/protection against:

  • High current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Balanced protection

These protections are added advantage that give users the boldness to ride without fear of self drain battery problems.

Gyroor batteries are among the strongest. It can last up to 4 — 5 hours when fully charged. 

The charging voltage is 240V with a charging portable point. You can replace the battery when it’s bad or low.

You need 1 to 2 hours to fully charge Gyroor’s battery. when the battery is fully charged, it has the capacity to last for 5 hours irrespective of the usages.

The duration of Gyroor battery isn’t dependent on the weather, usage, and weight of the riders. 

Even in the presence of all these factors Gyroor battery still lasts the same hours it was designed to last.

Mobile App — Tomoloo vs Gyroor 

Many hoverboards have smartphone apps. But not all smartphones are users friendly. 

Hoverboard mobile apps are designed to control some of the features. If the mobile app lacks strong connectivity to operate the hoverboard, then it’s not user-friendly.

Gyroor hoverboard mobile app is one of the best mobile apps of scooter you can get. It’s mobile app is designed to enhance the joy of users.

It makes users of the Gyroor have flexible and stylish control of the hoverboard. The app makes it easier to turn on/off the self-balancing feature.

With Gyroor mobile app you can switch from adult mode to child mode. This feature allows the user to determine the level of speed. 

The mobile app it’s also used to control the LED lights  — it plays music via Bluetooth.

Gyroor smartphone app it’s used to keep track of distance cover and read the speed meter. 

The mobile app has an anti-theft alarm, which alerts the owner if any unauthorized person is trying to ride the board. 

Tomoloo hoverboard mobile app lacks all these features. When it comes to mobile apps, Gyroor hoverboard has the best smartphone app compared to Tomoloo hoverboard.


You have read about the differences between Tomoloo and Gyroor hoverboards. They both have similar features. But they perform differently from each other.

Invariably, the hoverboard you go for depends on the purpose. If you need a hoverboard with speed, then go for the Tomoloo hoverboard.

Go for Gyroor hoverboard if you need an hoverboard with a robust smartphone app. Gyroor has the best smartphone app compared to Tomoloo.

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