Can You Transport An Inflated Sup? (A How-to Guide)

inflatable sup
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Inflated Sup is portable — hence can be transported anywhere by any available means.

You can transport them through vehicles, boats, plane or the backpack. In some instances, an inflated sup is transport by using the roof rack.

Before transporting the boards, you need to ensure that the inflated Sup is in the best condition.

The transportation of the boards needs absolute care because it can easily break.

Using a travel pack

When transporting the boards, you need to keep them in a place that does not rub against any metal or sharp objects.

One way to prevent this is by carrying the board in a travel pack. The travel pack has a protective layer that can prevent any damage to the board.

Apart from that, the travel pack has a handle, making it easier to carry or hold when moving.In some instances, you can pull the bag when walking.

The makes the fins and the board organized and in good condition because of the compartments.

Transporting an inflated sup using a vehicle

The most common way of transporting inflated Sup is by using the vehicle. In most instances, the bag’s transportation is the trunk.

When transporting through the car, you can use the backpack that fits into the trunk. If the space is ample, the board fits along with the paddles and pumps.

This method of transportation is more comfortable and convenient.

However, when transporting the boards while driving, you are supposed to stop periodically to check the pressure of the inflated Sup.

It would be best if you also tied the board well to avoid any damages. Some users prefer not to be deflating their boards every time during bride.

It is advisable that when transporting the inflated Sup, you check on the pressure to prevent any damage.

The best vehicle for transporting the board should be less than 10 feet as it will provide enough space.

Shorter vehicles should lean the board against the car’s side with a deck facing you.

This will make the fin in front of your vehicle. You also need to ensure that the handle has one hand, lifts the board onto your knee, and then grabs it.

This enables you to take the board from the vehicle.

Transporting sup using an aeroplane

Apart from the vehicle, you can transport the board by using an airplane. This type of transportation is one of the most expensive, and it is not simple.

But can you transport an inflated sup using an aeroplane? No! It is practically impossible.

You are to keep the board in a backpack or a suitcase. If placed in the bag, you will have to carry it and tape the loose straps around it.

This prevents it from wearing out or damaged in transit.

When using the airplane, you can use a large rolling duffle suitcase to protect the bag. It can also make the board mobile so that you can pull it when moving around.

This gives you an easier time when transporting it. Although this means is expensive, it is the fastest way of transporting the board to a long destination.

Using a boat

Another viable means of transportation is by using the boat. If you love using large boats, then storing them will not be a problem. The ship has enough space, and there can be no damages during the movement.

The inflated sup is a great way to paddle from the boat when you want to go to other ships.

You can also keep checking on the board to check on the temperature as heat can cause damage. To add to that, ensure that the fins are well placed.

This method is convenient for people who love boat racing and any boat activities.

Despite being the slowest way of transporting an inflated sup, it is the safest.

Transportation of the boards by roof racks

Transporting the board by the roof rack is one of the most convenient ways of transportation. However, it needs more care compared to the other means of transportation.

The roof racks are typically padded on the vehicle during transport; with the roof rack, you can easily tie the board on top. This means that you need to be more cautious to avoid any damage to the vehicle and the board.

After placing the roof rack in position you can mount the board. When doing this, the largest part should be placed at the bottom to provide a solid foundation for the load.

With a good foundation, the other boards are stable; hence no damage was caused.

The Sup should be placed with its deck down to decrease the wind resistance. It is advisable to place the board so that the tail is in front of your vehicle.

It’s because it provides safety when driving. After all, if the strap loosens,the board can easily slide off. This will not be possible when the tail appears in front because the fins will catch the straps.

After you correctly position the board, you can wrap the straps over the board and under the rack to avoid any damages.

When this is done, you then buckle them and twist your straps to prevent them from making unpleasant noise when driving on windy conditions.

If you are that guy who loves speed, this mode of transportation is not for you. .

Before starting the journey, you should check if the buckles tighten. Ensure you do not make it so tight to avoid any damages.

To transport the inflated Sup easily, you need to put the rack, mount the board, attach the straps, and check if the straps are tight.

When transporting through the roof rack, you should not fully inflate the board due to heat that can increase its pressure.

The increase in pressure causes a seam failure.  It is always advisable that you run a strap forward to the bumper.

Apart from using the roof racks, you can also secure the board to the roof of a vehicle using the foam blocks using nylon straps to temporarily attach it to the blocks.

They are easy to use and are not expensive hence easily available. However, racks are not durable hence cannot be used for a long period. The foam blocks should be longer to avoid any damages.

Can a motorbike transport an inflated sup?

The inflated Sup can also be transported by bike. It will need a trailer to carry the board as it is easier to pull even by the peddling user.

The motorbikes can only transport the boards if well placed and if you have good riding skills.

You can transport the boards using backpacks as they are light and can be carried without any difficulties on the long destinations. The bags hold the board, repair kit, and the pump easily.

When carrying the board, you have to protect your back by bending the knees and keeping your back straight.

This will make it easier for an individual when reaching and when picking the Sup. Apart from that, be ready for the winds that can toss the board.

It can be better if you also stored the paddle well when transporting them.

This can make you avoid any damages or accidents. You may also need travel insurance in case an accident occurs, and you can obtain your items.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the board’s transportation can be done easily, depending on the type of transportation you choose.

After successfully reaching your destination, you will need to check the pressure before you reuse the board.

Moreover, it is also advisable to tie the board well for you to avoid any damages. Use strong straps that can withstand wind to keep the board secure.

To successfully ferry an inflated sup, you must be extra cautions and careful during the journey. 

Choose the most appropriate mode of transport depending on your skills and budget.

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