What Is The Cheapest Electric Scooter To Rent? (top 5)

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Do you need a cheap electric scooter to rent? What is really the cheapest electric scooter to rent? How do you get the best company that offers the cheapest electric scooter to rent?

If your question falls into any of these questions above, then relax because I will provide answers to all these questions and many other questions that’s  commonly asked by commuters.

There are many companies that provide electric scooter services to commuters. Getting to know the one with the cheapest fair and high quality service is sometimes challenging.

However, it is quite simple to know any electric scooter firms that charge less amounts of fees and with high quality scooters. But when you don’t know what to look out for it becomes a challenge.

In order to help you with the cheapest electric scooter to rent, I carried out research and here is what I found out. 

Which Firm Offers The Cheapest Electric Scooter Rent?

The first thought that usually comes to mind when renting an electric scooter is the company that charges less.

Since there are many companies out there that offer the scooter fleet. It sometimes looks as if all the companies offer similar services.

Still, they don’t charge the same fair. Some companies tend to charge higher than others, while some charge less compared to others.

The only competitive factor in the market among electric scooter fleets is the price. Price is what places a benchmark among the different companies that offer scooter services.

The price is one of the major factor of consideration when oen what to decide which one to drive. Because there are electric scooters almost every downtown street corner.

The various companies that offers electric scooters services are:

  • Lime
  • Bird 
  • Spin 
  • Uber 

These are few companies that provide the service of an electric scooter for commuters that want convenient means of transportation from office to work or move around the neighbourhood.

The cost of unlocking their scooter is almost the same for the listed above companies. When it comes to what they charge per minute is quite different from each other.

Some of the firms charge higher per minute while others charge lower. So a good comparison among the companies will give you the true amount to rent their electric scooter. It will also let you know the cheapest one among the companies.

Below is the table shows the different amount cost to rent an electric scooter from any of the companies:

Unlock ScooterCost Per MinuteSale taxDeposit For The First time19-minute ride cost
Lime$125 cent IncludedNill$4.75
Bird$129 cent Included$5 $6.87
Spin$125 cent Included$10$5.01
Bublr BikesNill0.15 cent IncludedNill$2.85
Uber$10.15 centIncludedNill$4.75

From the table above, some companies added sales tax into cost per minute, while others charge differently for sales tax. 

From the table above at the time of gathering the statistics, Lime scooter offers the lowest and cheapest fare among the electric scooters reviewed here.

Most importantly, the sales tax is embedded in the cost you have to pay per minute. In all lime has the cheapest fare among other companies that offer electric scooter services.

How Can I Rent An Electric Scooter?

Every firm that offers a scooter fleet has apps. As a commuter you need to have the app in your phone before you are able to place a request.

The scooter service is rented through the mobile app. You must have the app on your mobile phone before you can rent any of the scooters.

Use the scooter app on your mobile phone to locate the closest scooter park zone. When you log into the app the near location will automatically help you to locate the closest location of the scooter park zone.

rent a bike

The scooter is rented via the app using a QR code. Once you have the app on your phone, scan the QR code and it will take you to another screen where you’ll place an order.

To unlock a scooter, simply open the scooter app and tap on the “Ride” button at the bottom of the screen. From here, either scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code.

Once you have successfully scanned the QR code it means you’re ready to drive on. When you start to drive remember to obey the traffic laws and drive safely.

What guides commuters to easily locate the nearby scooter park zone is the mobile app. The QR code is what commuters use to rent a scooter and return after the journey.

One good benefit as commuter you get form renting a scooter is that you have the privilege to leave rented scooter at any business area. The company will collect the scooter in the evening and prepare it for the next day at a central location.

Does Rented Scooter Has Durable Battery System?

The battery of an electric scooter has the capacity to cover 30 to 40 kilometres. The companies use batteries that generally last for days when they are fully charged.

Most of the scooter companies that offer fleet service use the high-quality battery that has the capacity to take you throughout a whole day without experiencing any disappointment.

The battery has the capacity to last for between 2 to 4 hours, while some batteries last for the whole day upon fully charging. 

The quality of the battery is depends on the company scooter are using. Generally, scooter are last long and has the capacity to take through the journey.

Scooter fleet rentals uses durable battery. Hardly will you be experience any disappointment form the battery.

The major component of an electric scooter is the batery. Without the battery the scooter doesn’t move, therefore it is important the battery it taken good care off to service customers.

How Does Scooter Companies Bill Their Customers?

Billing by scooter company is done through their mobile app. As a custoner when you’re done using their mobile app, you wll be charge via app.

The billing takes place immediately you scan the QR code. The QR code will give the company the acces to bill you for the distance. 

The app is a convinient way to access scooter company service. It desinged with easy ways that you can simply use to place an order for scooter.

It also help the scooter company to easily bill their customers. Scooter mobile app is an excellent way to make both customers and scoter fleet companies happy.

Review Of Cheaoest Electric Scooter Service firms

Now let’s quickly review the various companies that offer electric scooter fleets, which are quite cheap. 

These scooter firms offer excellent service and with good electric scooter to commute around the city.

The review will help you to make better choices when you want to use a scooter for transportation.


Lime scooter rent

Lime scooter firms made quality and durable electric scooter available for commuters. It provide scooters for people to get around town in a smart and convinient way. 

Lime help you to cut accross every traffic and connect to places and people easily. Since easy means of transportation makes live better, lime help to make you living better becuase of the faster means of transportation form place to another.

Lime lets you unlock your ride in a simple way. The scooter Lime have are environmental friendly with high quality battery. 

The kind of electric scooter that lime uses are becoming the best adult electric scooter in recent years, which offer users easy mobility and fun.

To get started with lime, just download the mobile app. Use the mobile app to locate any nearby electric scooter close to you.

Once you see light green electric scooter on the app, it means the scooter is the closest electric scooter. 


Bird scooter rent

Bird scooter service are now in 120 cities all over the world. It help make moving around cities with high traffic becomes liveable and lively by reducing the car traffic.

If you’re looking for the easy means to work or get around the city, Bird has best scooter that you can use and get maximum comfort.

An electric scooter from bird company are reliable and strong scooter you can use to commute to work, school, and visit frineds. 

The scooters are highly economic friendly with durable battery. It have excellent features you can take advantage of to make your ride memorable.

To access bird scooter service, just download the mobile app. Once you have the mobile app, use it to loctae any closest scooter parking zone. 

When you log into the app it will show light green scooters, select the most closet aand get your self around the city.


Spin scooters are reliable with powerful battery that has the capacity to serve for whole day after full charge.

Spin mobile app is easy to access and onr touch response. With the app, you can easily book for scooter to enjoy your self.

Spin uses eco-friendly scooters with excellent customer service that response to questions quickly any time you reach out to them.

Cheap Scooter to Rent: Summary  

Here you have the cheapest electric scooters to rent, it your responsibility to decide which firms you’ll use.

These scooter firms are offer almost the services to their customer. There scooter are strong and durable scooter you can count on.

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