Why are BMX so expensive? (Average Cost Breakdown)

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If you’re into bikes, you know that BMX is a special kind of bike. These bikes are designed to perform daring tricks. 

The average bmx will be constantly ramped against hard surfaces, for as long as the rider is active. What’s more, these bikes are known to last for years, despite the harsh conditions. 

BMX bikes are designed to perform very specific tasks, as far as these tasks are concerned, these bikes are your best, and only pick. 

You can use your BMX to jump over surfaces, which will sometimes be half as high as the bike. A bmx bike may not be the most aesthetically appealing bike available, but it definitely ranks among the strongest bikes. 

These bikes are designed to endure constant hits against hard surfaces, for multiple years. This is the reason why bmx bikes are so expensive – it is designed using high-quality materials, and it is a trusted brand. The cost of these bikes is a combination of both the brand name, and the product cost. 

The BMX brand

BMX bikes became a thing in the 1970s. This move was powered by the popularity of motocross professionals. The kids watched, and admired the body movements of these heroes. 

Eventually, these kids decided to move their bikes off the road, and into rougher terrains, where they raced themselves. However, their bikes didn’t last long off-road. 

Next, they began reconstructing their bikes to fit what they saw in television. Eventually, BMX companies noticed the need, and began supplying these bikes to kids. 

It was a major success, every kid wanted a bmx at the time. BMX companies sold out annually. The combined BMX brand is worth a fortune today. 

Over the past 50 years, BMX manufacturers have made tremendous advancements in biking – technology. These bikes can serve multiple purposes, but the only way you can get your hands on the versatile BMXes is by paying extra. 

According to Market watch, the market for bmx bikes was estimated to be valued at $ 5740 million USD in 2020. 

BMX is a recognized brand, and this is one of the reasons why it’s expensive. BMX bikes have been around for half a century, and within this time, they have built a strong brand. 

These bikes are known for their strength, and durability. Above all, riders know that they will get the job done. The cost of a BMX bike varies between $500 and $4000.

However, you can always walk into a bike store, and get a $100 dollar bmx bike. If you choose to do this, the difference will be made clear when you attempt any bike trick. 

With a standard bmx bike, you can perform as many tricks as you desire, but this is not the case with cheap bikes. The main point is that BMX bikes are the best bikes for stunt races, and the manufacturing companies know this as a fact. 

BMX bikes offer high quality, and this is why they are so expensive. Once you purchase a bmx bike, the only thing you have to worry about is executing stunts, and winning races. Your bike won’t break down after you perform a 360, or a bunny – hop. 

Did you Know? 

The BMX brand does not represent a single manufacturer, or company. It represents the combined effect of multiple manufacturers, who are either after quality bucks, or quality products. 

You need to understand that not all BMX bikes with a $500 price tag are good bikes. You have to do your homework, before you make any purchase. 

Most of these manufacturers focus more on aesthetic appeal, and disregard important issues like the frame. Bikes produced by these manufacturers are fitted with attractive colors and stickers. 

In addition, you won’t realize your folly upon purchase. The bike will stand the test of time, but it won’t last as long as bmx bikes are supposed to last. 

What Makes BMX Bikes So Expensive (Cost Breakdown) 

As we have pointed out, the cost of a BMX bikes depends on two factors;

  • The material it’s composed of, and
  • The manufacturer. 

In previous sections, we discussed the implication of the manufacturing brand on the cost of a bike. Now, we are going to discuss the materials used to design a bmx bike. 

These materials can cause the cost of a single bike to rise from a couple hundred dollars, to as much as four thousand dollars. 

The average bmx bike is a make up of multiple parts. These parts include:

  • The Frame. 
  • The Handlebars. 
  • The Fork. 
  • The Stem. 
  • The Headset. 
  • The Grips. 
  • The Pedals. 
  • The Cranks. 
  • The Chain. 
  • The Seat. 
  • The Seat – post. 
  • The Seat post clamp. 
  • The Tires. 
  • The Hibs. 
  • The Rims. 
  • The Pegs. 
  • The Hub guards. 

Of all these parts, the part of bmx bikes with the most significant difference in design is the frame. The materials, and design of the frame varies significantly from that of conventional bikes. 

The frame alone accounts for a major part of the discrepancies observed in the cost of BMX bikes. 

The Frame


The Frame is a very important part of any bike, bmx bikes inclusive. The Frame of your bike plays a major role in ensuring comfort, while you ride. 

The right frame has to be set in the perfect angle, and height to ensure both balance, and comfort. BMX bike frames are made up of six parts. We have the chainstay, head tube, seat tube, top tube, bottom bracket, and standover.

All of these parts have to be placed in certain angles for the different types of BMX bike riding. Manufacturers that get these placements perfectly, get more buyers, and consequently hype up their price. 

Furthermore, BMX bikes are designed for specific types of riding. These include; street races, trails, ramps, and park riding. 

However, some frames are designed to partake in multiple ride – types. The versatile nature of these frames results in an increase in the price of the bike. 

Besides the placement of frame parts, the composition of the frames also determines the price of the bike. A frame that’s made of low quality materials is often sold cheap, whereas the use of quality materials yields costly bikes. 

What kind of material do these manufacturers use to design bikes? What could possibly make the price of a bike rise from $100 to $4000? Stick around, and you will find out. 

What Materials Can Be Used To Make A BMX Frame? 

The Frame is the most important part of your BMX bike. The composition, as well as the positioning of your frame makes all the difference. 

The best frame is one which is both extremely light, and strong. In order to offer riders the best experience, manufacturers have been experimenting with different alloys for years, in order to create the perfect frame. 

In this section, we will discuss their achievements, and how it affects the price of a BMX bike. 

Carbon Steel

A tonne of carbon steel costs about $ 614 per tonne. Carbon steel is a fairly abundant material, and it works excellently with bike frames. 

Due to the abundance of this material, it is sold at a relative cheap price. However, it is very durable. The only problem with carbon steel is its weight. 

Hence, it isn’t the perfect fit for BMX bikes. Although, you will still find them among kids who are learning to ride. 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fibre is a solution of the short-comings of carbon steel. Carbon fibre is the result of the lamination of carbon steel strands.

Carbon fibre is lightweight. It meets the two requirements for an excellent BMX frame – strength, and lightness. In light of this, the cost of carbon fibre is on the high side. 

As a result, bikes made with carbon fibre are expensive. They will get the job done, but they will cost you a lot extra. 

Chromoly Steel

Chromoly is a term used to refer to a steel alloy of chrome, and molybdenum. This alloy has high durability, lightweight (lighter than carbon), and strength. 

BMX frames made using Chromoly, are known to last for multiple years. The many advantages of this alloy have made it very expensive. 

It is important to note that most bmx frames are not made of 100 percent chromoly. In order to keep the price low, manufacturers often use cheap Chromoly, or Chromoly mixed with steel. 


This is one of the most expensive metals available today. It is valued at $4800 per tonne. It is only used for high profile BMX bikes. 

Titanium is extremely light – lighter than steel. However, it is really strong, and it meets the requirements of BMX frames perfectly. 

BMX Bike Cost: Conclusion

The cost of a BMX bike is not always high. If you search for cheap bikes on the internet, you’ll find a long list of options. 

However, durable BMX bikes are expensive for two major reasons: branding, and quality.

When you buy an expensive bike that does not deliver both of these factors, that’s when you’ve been cheated. 

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