Why Are Skateboard Trucks So Expensive (How Much Does It Cost)?

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If you are planning to start skating, be ready to spend some good cash to buy quality gear to protect yourself from injuries.

Skateboard tools, in particular, can cost you hundreds of dollars because of the time taken to manufacture a set and the quality of materials used to produce it.

The prices may differ depending on the size, quality, and the company that manufactures the skateboards. Read through for an insight into the costs of skateboards and their quality.

The process used to make skateboards

If you are a real skating enthusiast, you should know how skateboards are made.

If you know the step-by-step procedure, you will never question the price tags of skateboards because it is a rigorous process that takes quite some time.

Skateboard decks

The deck is the most important part of a skateboard. It is made from layers of quality wood that have been treated to prevent eating off.

The types of timber mused depends on the manufacturer. However, hardwood trees are the most preferred because they are powerful and long-lasting.

Skateboards made from quality wood like mahogany are very expensive. But who doesn’t know that buying one like that is a one-time investment.

Moreover, some skateboards are entirely made of plastics. Quality premium pieces of plastic are melted and molded to form a stiff skateboard.

Using plastics is a more environmentally friendly way because it does not involve cutting of trees.

Manufacturers can reuse plastic waste in a bid to reduce pollution. Plastic skateboards are also very presentable because they are finished with a neat polish.

Trucks for skateboards

Why are skateboard tricks expensive? We often think that trucks are elementary stuff that takes little effort and time to make.

It is a big lie that many people are living since it is expensive to construct trucks.

There are different varieties of trucks in the market. The most common ones being trucks made from aluminum or alloys. Who does not know that alloys are costly?

When manufacturing skateboards, expensive equipment and workforce are used. These balances contribute to the final cost of skateboards. Skateboard trucks made from plastic materials are cheaper and durable.

Plastic is not a very strong material, and heavy skaters cannot use such skateboards.

However, if you choose to be fancy, you can buy skateboards made from alloys but be ready to spend more cash.

Wheels for skateboarding

The wheels of skateboards distinguish the quality skateboards from the ordinary.

Wheels of varying sizes are installed on the skateboards depending on the purpose.

Some wheels are soft and cannot stand terraced surfaces, while others are powerful.

The process of manufacturing is tedious because different materials are used to manufacture the other parts of skateboards.

To manufacture quality wheels, manufacturers use standard products, machinery, and skilled personnel, which ultimately increase the cost.

How much you spend on buying skateboards?

There are several factors to consider before settling on the amount you should spend on buying skateboards.

You can find different skateboards in the market, with each having its advantages and disadvantages.

Some skateboards are limited to street skating, but pro skaters use others in competitions. These skates have different adaptive features that make them suitable for a specific task.

Before settling on the amount to spend buying skateboards, decide on the make that suits your needs.

A good street skateboard retails at roughly $100 in the market but can cost more depending on the quality you choose to buy.

If this is over your budget, you can go for penny boards. They are way cheaper and will serve you well.

However, if you are that fancy guy who does not compromise on class, buy longboards or electric skateboards.

They are built to give users the ultimate experience when skating.  Manufactures can also customize skateboards to design of choice, but you will spend thousands of dollars on a single order!

Can I buy complete skateboards?

Buying complete skateboards is fantastic because you will not spend time piecing the different parts, and they are great for beginners.

However, you cannot adjust such skateboards and are also specific to some skate tracks. If you are an explorer who loves to skate on different trucks, complete skateboards are not meant for you.

It is better to buy incomplete skateboards because you can adjust them depending on desirable speed and the track.

You can use bigger wheels to increase your speed but be very careful because with increased speed, the chances of losing control also increase.

The bigger wheels are a reserve of professional skaters.

Build vs buy a Skateboard: Which is cheaper?

Many skateboards are always left at crossroads when deciding whether to build customized skateboards or buy complete skateboards.

It is tricky to determine, but it all boils down to your budget and goals. Pre-build skateboards are excellent for beginners, and as you gain experience, you can start thinking of building your skateboards.

Building your skateboard is a “simple” but complicated task. To come up with a great skateboard, you should choose the pars wisely. A slight miscalculation can be very costly because it can result in accidents.

Before starting to build the skateboards of choice, save good amount o money because it is a costly affair.

You will want to install quality parts because it is a one-time project.

The wheels and bushings should be athletic, and this increases the cost. Do not try this at home! It is a reserve of professionals.  

How to make cheaper skateboards

During the early stages of your skateboarding career, all you need is a skateboard.

Do not speed too much money on this phase because you do not know your taste and a skateboard appropriate for you. The cheapest option is going for second-hand skateboards.

Most users sell them not because they are not usable, but they upgraded to better skateboards.

Firstly, shop for a black deck on e-shopping platforms. Black is the best color because regardless of how old it is, it looks new and performs well.

After acquiring a deck, look for wheels.

It would help if you took your time because wheels determine how you will skate and your skateboard’s safety.

The local repair shops have wheels that you can buy at a throwaway price. Bank wheels are the cheapest and work pretty well.

You can then move to start looking for skateboard trucks. New trucks are expensive, but luckily there is numerous second-hand truck that works very well.

Your style of riding should determine the type of truck to buy.

The cost of a pro skateboard

Professional skateboards retail at different market prices depending on the brand, size, quality, and other factors.

With $50 – $100, you can get a quality professional skateboard.

However, the cost can be lower or even higher because of the various details and features of the skateboards.

If you are a professional skateboarder, investing in the most expensive skateboards is not a loss because they are very efficient, long-lasting, and safe.

It’s wise to save money, research the best skateboards in the market, and read through their pros and cons before settling on what to buy.

Which brand manufactures the best skateboards?

There are many brands of manufacturing quality skateboards. However, a few have made it in the market because of the quality skateboards they manufacture.

Pioneer brands like Powel skateboards have been in the game for many years and have sold millions of skateboards worldwide. Their products are reputed as the most long-lasting skating gear.

Santa Cruz is another household name in the production of quality skateboards.

The brand commands nearly a quarter of the skate gear products market.

However, several other brands produce reliable skateboards. Be cautious when buying skateboards because not all are generic.


Every good item comes at a cost, and similarly, it is advisable to invest in quality skateboards.

Skating on quality skateboards not only feels good but is moiré safe to ride on.

That’s not to say you cannot get quality skateboards cheaply. Several cheaper options give you similar skating results.

Take your time and choose wisely!

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